30 Day Challenge With Lauren: Guest Post

I was honored to receive a email from my "blog friend" Lauren a couple of weeks ago to ask if I could help promote her 30 Day Challenge...OBVIOUSLY! I love these women who dream BIG...take chances...and put themselves out there to help educated and inspire others to live a healthy and active lifestyle! So please take the time to read about her challenge and sign up...With Summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time to give yourself that extra little push to feel and look your best inside and out this summer! Take it away Lauren...

Hello ACKTIVE LIFE readers! My name is Lauren and I also blog about health and fitness at The Bikini Experiment. The reason that the vibe of Katie brand strikes a chord with me is that it is about fearlessness and embracing the unknown. There is also the key element of reinvention and these qualities remind me very much of myself!

Katie has graciously allowed me to post on her blog today to share a bit about myself! So that is what I am going to do. I'm also going to be sharing the details of an upcoming 30-day FREE fitness challenge I will be hosting. It is one I am hosting and I am super excited to get started!

So a little bit about me and how a completely cardio bunny evolved into a certified personal trainer...nutrition coach...and to now running a fitness challenge, in which I get to share everything that I know and have learned with YOU!

I did not grow up as an athletic girl. Quite the contrary! I never played a sport of kicked a ball around. I was much more likely to be found in my room reading a book. Our habits as children often trickle into adulthood. Throughout my 20's I remained pretty inactive. I cared about being "thin" of course, because what girl does not worry about that? As long as my pants fit I deemed myself healthy. Lots of cardio (if I ever went to the gym) and cereal bars. Those were healthy,  right?

You may be wondering how all of this changed for me. Well, it was pretty much overnight. A near fatal car accident through me for a loop around the time I turned 31. I walked away but was left with horrible back pain. When I sought treatment from a chiropractor he told me I would need to start working out. I would have to STRONG to feel better.

I was a total fish out of water when I joined the gym. Since I knew nothing about weights I decided to invest in a package with a personal trainer when I joined. As luck would have it, I met my boyfriend, Scott. 

The catalyst there was I was fortunate enough to have the continued guidance of a personal trainer as our relationship grew. I could never have afforded that level of attention in a million years. Had no plans to even continue after my initial package ran out. I was just your regular 9-5 working girl. 

This is a huge reason I have made a big push include detailed and quality workouts on my blog with photos, detailed instructions, and videos! I want to make high-level training more affordable and accessible for everyone!

I truly believe no matter your age or your life circumstances you should be able to feel as good and look as good as possible. Until I truly learned how to exercise and fuel my body through quality nutrition I remained in a rut. I was not strong and would grow bored with my cardio and the few moves I knew at the gym. This never motivated me to keep it up or make any real progress. 

The 30 Day Challenge I am hosting through my blog is designed to provide a kick start or a reboot to anyone who is looking to revamp their health and fitness routine. It will include 4 weeks of meal plans, recipes, and workouts. It is always the perfect time to invest effort in your well-being. With Summer right around the corner, there is an extra reason to add some pep in our step. 

If you have any questions about the challenge please feel free to email me: bikiniexp@gmail.com.

Click here to learn more about the challenge and The Bikini Experiment. 

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Have you ever joined a Fitness Challenge?

What do you want to focus on this Spring when it comes to health and fitness?