Currently This August...

How is it August already? And why do I start so many of my blog posts with how fast time disappears? But here we are...Halfway through the month and summer is rapidly coming to a close. Say it isn't so!!! Nothing major is happening here on Nantucket. I am just working away, training clients, teaching classes, and managing my social media accounts. But I am excited that I have a fun post to share with you and I have some good posts coming up. With this blog, I try not to force things. When I don't have things to share I don't, but when I do, it is going to be flipping good. So stay tuned...Because I can't wait. And on that note, here is what I'm "currently" all about this month...XOXO

Current Music: Country Music ALL summer long...But this one is definitely my favorite! 

Current Drink: Because coffee and water are boring to talk about. It is way more fun to talk about wine! #YesWayRose...My favorite summer wine this summer is rose! It is light, crisp, and with a little bit of sweetness, it just screams summer!


Current Food: Protein Pancakes with Peaches...I picked up 4 nectarines last week at the store and it was a good batch. So sweet, juicy, and delicious! I add half to the batter and top the pancake with the other half. 

Protein Pancakes with Nectarines

Current Obsession: I was recently sent a "Cruiser Tumbler" and a "Stein Water Bottle" thanks to Healthy Human and yes I am OBSESSED! I received these last week and have used both every day! The tumbler stays hot for 12 hours and the bottle for 24 hours. They are legit! I love the look, the feel, and they are perfect for #myACKtivelife! 

Current Craving: Summer LOVE! Even though summer is rapidly coming to a close, I would LOVE to fall head over heels smack on my face in LOVE! I think I am actually ready to finally share my relationship story because I am ready to move on. I need to put that beast to rest and it is time. It is going to be a hard piece, but I need to tell my story for myself and to inspire others.

Current Need: Nothing...I am pretty happy with everything that I have at this very moment!

Current Indulgence: The Fried Chicken Sandwich from the Wauwinet cured every craving I was having for a decadent and salty sandwich. It is so delicious and the view is just as good too! 

Current Confession: It is hard to keep up with blogging during the summer! It is almost like my brain is telling me GET OUTSIDE and ENJOY LIFE, it will be winter soon enough and you will have plenty of time to write! I have lots of great ideas for posts, but sitting down and writing them out has been a struggle. It is hard to do that when this is your backyard...

Nantucket Island

Current Quote: So much truth in this...When you learn to acknowledge your own personal bull shit and work through it, it is AMAZING how much you can grow both personally and professionally. It sucks to come to terms with the shit, but when you do, gosh darn it feels good to release it and move forward! 

Current Excitement: Seeing lots of friends and family who are coming to the island over the next couple of weeks, before the end of Summer! My childhood friend, her husband, and two kids will be here for 10 days and then Mom arrives the last weekend for 2 weeks! Slow down summer you are going to fast...

Current Mood: DETERMINED! The past week personally I have been dealing with some old demons. You know those pesky thoughts that come into your brain and then you realized you wasted too much time and energy on them. Those thoughts are freaking annoying! What did I do? I started writing in my journal again. I started taking a few extra moments to reflect, write, and put thoughts out on paper and move forward. 

What is currently going on in your life this month?