Inspiring Women Who Inspire ME: Elizabeth Inpyn

I am going to try to keep this introduction short and sweet. Elizabeth INSPIRES ME! I have been following this ridiculously awesome woman, athlete, and entrepreneur for a few years now and I knew I had to reach out to her and show her AWESOMENESS on ACKTIVE LIFE! She trains hard day in and day out. She runs her business where she helps others in all walks of life. She helps her clients with their health and wellness goals, to become the best version of themselves. She is a busy woman, who is following her bliss, and for this I admire her. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your story with all of us! XOXO

Elizabeth Inpyn

My name is Elizabeth Inpyn - @INPYN on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to the wider social media community. As a sports nutritionist and triathlete, my days are spent swimming/biking/running, meal planning, recipe tasting, guiding clients towards PR's, studying current research and taking some pictures along the way to document it all. Each of us has a reason for competing in sport; mine is a lifelong quest for "better" that is rooted deep within.

July 30th, 1986

100 plus degrees, I'm standing on a scorching hot pool deck and the announcer is calling my name. I was up, my time to swim - Day 1 Finals for the 100 IM - one lap of each stroke. It's the first vivid memory I have of learning to race and lighting that competitive fire within. I came in 3rd. 

Before this, swimming was purely pleasure and while I loved the blue ribbons, I was just as happy to see yellow, green, or red. That hot summer day to the cheers from parents and teammates and the admiration of a happy coach...Blue become my calling card and a big part of the reason to wake up at 4:00 AM and push myself past the point of exhaustion for the next 20 plus years. 

Elizabeth Inpyn

My blonde hair has always been shaded with a neon green sheen, a consequence of spending 3-6 hours in a pool six days a week. I wore it as a badge of honor, a testament to my love of the sport and a mark of excellence that I was something special; a girl who couldn't be stopped. What out as a summer recreational league swimming quickly became a year road obsession. I would swim competitively through college and later turn to running and triathlons to quiet the inner beast. 

The Beast Within...

Settling for mediocre was never an option, but it's not always about the win either. Believe me when I say I am not some world class record-breaking athlete; just an average age grouper committed to progress. I demand the best of myself every time the runners go on or the wheels roll down to the road. There is a feeling of a soul-soothing peace only felt after a grueling session lying exhausted on the floor drenched in sweat. 

No longer dreaming of grandeur or becoming a professional athlete, I still long for personal bests', stronger legs, faster arms and long, hard training days. I want to see how far I can go, how hard I can push and how high I can dream. The reward comes in growing as an athlete, continuing to learn the craft of a well-executed triathlon and challenging the expectations that so often confine us. 

Elizabeth Inpyn

"Don't be patient!"

There is No "I" Team...

Despite being part of a team, swimming was always such an individual sport. My results were based on the work I put in, me against the clock. It wasn't until diving into triathlon that I began to understand and appreciate the power of teamwork. One sport is hard enough, but combining three of them amounts to endless challenges, complicated gear, terminology, and strategy. I found a team and through them I found myself. Meeting up for 6 hour rides, sharing the lane at early morning swims and running as a pack through Golden Gate Park was a cherished routine. Each one of us played a part in making the group better. We shared dreams and struggles and victories. 

They became my family, teaching, encouraging, and holding me accountable. They set an example of excellence and relentless drive. 

Elizabeth Inpyn

"Success is gained in the pursuit of excellence!"

My Athletic Pillars...

  1. Faith is the cornerstone of success. Without faith (in yourself, God, life, potential) you will never truly experience joy and victory. 
  2. Courage comes in many forms; it is built, strengthened and challenged in sport. Pick something and go after it. You will never regret it. 
  3. Strength isn't just physical. It is surviving injury, accepting defeat and celebrating the successes of others. 
  4. Gratitude and giving go hand in hand. Be thankful and give to others (time, compassion, friendship, resources) and you will live a life of meaning. 
Elizabeth Inpyn

What is one of your athletic pillars?

Have you ever completed a triathlon?