Powerflow Yoga Studio In New Jersey

Oh yoga...you make me feel so good! Ever since I left Houston, my yoga practice pretty much disappeared. Life was busy...Work was busy...I was focused on other training...and then before I knew it 5 months had gone by since I stepped on my mat! Like most things in life, everything happens in waves, and I knew my craving to practice again would come back...and it did. I find peace, comfort, inspiration, and strength when I step onto my yoga mat. It is the one place these days I can 100% disconnect and gosh it feels good!

I was recently home in NJ for almost two weeks! I went back to spend time with my family, celebrate Easter, get my hair done at Laboratory Hair Studio, stock up at Costco, and continue to work away on building my brand and the others I work for. Time flew! One of my favorite parts of this trip was I was able to practice at my old studio Powerflow Yoga for a whole week! It was AMAZING! When I lived in NJ a few years ago, Powerflow Yoga was my second home. I was practicing 3-4 times a week. I really got to know the teachers and the other yogis. It was a great community and still is!

Powerflow Yoga was started by Jerry not long after recovering from his first occurrence of hairy cell leukemia, a rare and serious illness, Jerry decided to try hot yoga. This was in 2007. Feeling out of options, he hoped yoga would help him get back into shape. His first class whipped him, but by the end of it, he was convinced that the practice was the perfect healing tool for him. He has been dedicated to yoga ever since—and he’s made it his life’s work.

What Jerry experienced—physical, mental and spiritual healing on the mat—is available to you, too. He was inspired to share what he’d learned and opened the first Powerflow Yoga studio in Chatham in May 2008. Today, Jerry understands that people come to yoga for many different reasons, and he has since opened 9 more stellar studios to address every student need.

I was able to squeeze in 4 yoga practices during the week home...High-Fives to me! Each practice was 75 minutes long and the temperatures were HOT...I absolutely love hot yoga. I love sweating like that. It is intense, detoxifying, challenging, and feels good to be able to deepen certain poses with the help of the heat. Since I have been doing more running, Double Pigeon Pose felt so  good! 

The closest studios to my Mom's house are the Morristown and Chatham locations. The studios are clean, comfortable, and have large bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and toiletries to freshen up after you are a hot sweaty mess. The staff is very accommodating, friendly, and extremely quick to respond to questions and emails. Plus, it was so nice to see familiar faces and catch up with old friends. 

There are so many new teachers now at Powerflow Yoga that I wish I had time to practice with, but as you know time flies. I am also a creature of habit and had to practice with my favorites. Emma Kealy and Jeff Scios

Emma is tough...Do not let that petite yogi fool you! Her classes challenge you and strengthen and stretch every muscle in your body. I think I have a strong core until she tells us to grab our block...very humbling! I always leave her class sweaty, energized, grounded, and ready to tackle the day. Did I mention she likes to do a lot of core work? My kind of teacher!

Jeff is just AWESOME! I love how he randomly rambles throughout the practice. I love his taste in music. And I also love how there has never been a class where I haven't laughed. He is fun but challenging. I like how his sequences push you to your limit, but then gives you plenty of time to stretch and recover. He always emphasizes to just do it...be fearless...see how far you can go in the pose and of course life. You never know unless you try! 

Obviously, you can tell that I am a big fan of Powerflow Yoga! So if you are ever in NJ, make sure to sign up for one of their classes and give this beautiful studio a try...You will not regret it!

Do you have a favorite yoga studio where you live?

When you travel do you try to find a yoga studio to practice at?