Strong Shoulders are BEAUTIFUL

I love strong upper bodies on both women and men. I think it is sexy to have defined arms and shoulders. I am NOT talking about bulging biceps and veins popping out, I am talking about this kind of look...Let us take a minute and just soak up this eye candy. I mean who would not want to be wrapped up by these beautiful men?

Okay I digress, but seriously...GORGEOUS!

Back to reality...I have found that training my upper body takes a lot of work! Yes, I love the way my upper body looks, but it is more than that. All the work that I put into training these muscles helps me with my posture; keeping my core strong, and most importantly helps with my daily activities...Like lifting 45 pounds of Lucy into the back of my car; taking garbage to the dump; doing yard work...You get the idea! And yes I train hard because I like the way my upper body looks in tank tops and sleeveless dresses...And yes I like feeling and looking STRONG!

Today we are going to focus on some shoulder exercises today. The extra bonus about these exercises, is that they not only target your shoulder muscles, but they also help strengthen your core as well as many other muscles in our beautiful bodies. I am always ALL about functional and efficient movements. 

Try adding these exercises into your next workout or do all of these exercises in one workout. I am using 5-pound dumbbells in these videos, but obviously, you can use whatever works best for you. 

Here are a few tips before you get started: 

  • Perform 3 sets and 10-15 repetitions for each exercise;
  • Rest 45-60 seconds between each;
  • Remember to always engage your core and breathe!

Reverse Lunge With Lateral Raise

Narrow Push Ups

Frontal Raise and Lateral Shoulder Raise

Bent Over Fly-Row

Shoulder Raise With Bent Arms

I hope that you will try a few of these exercises in your next workout. If you have any questions or concerns, please know that you can ALWAYS reach out to me. I am more than happy to help, plus I love hearing from YOU! Have a wonderful day!

Which shoulder exercise are you going to try first?

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