A new home...A new chapter...A new beginning! It is hard to believe that I moved to Charleston almost three weeks ago. We have arrived. We are settled (minus a couch and some outdoor patio furniture). We are HAPPY, HEALTHY, and GRATEFUL! As you all know, I have moved a lot. I have been all over this beautiful country learning, exploring, growing, and constantly searching for that special place I can call home. I refuse to settle, especially when it comes to my happiness; my personal life; and my professional life. It was time to move away from Nantucket and from the Northeast. It was time to move down south, where the sun is shining, the cost of living is cheaper and embrace that southern charm (yes some men open your door for you here!). We are adjusting quite well. We LOVE it!

Since moving here, I have thought a lot about what is NEXT. I am excited about what is NEXT. I have an overall better attitude about life down here. I feel more energized. I feel healthier. I feel blessed and I feel like now more than ever it is time to spread my wings and live fearlessly. Over the next few weeks, I have some posts I would like to tackle. There will be a lot of the same, but there will also be new topics. I am just going to go with it and see what happens. It is kind of like my journey and it feels natural to do it that way. So here we go...

Why I moved to Charleston...Why not? Over the very dreary and gray winter I spent some time figuring out where I wanted to be. I toyed with San Diego and Florida. I even thought about NYC, but that was only for a hot minute. I then reconnected with an old friend in Charleston. He told me to come down and so unlike me, I booked a flight and was down south. It just felt right. And so I did it. Yes, it was that simple! And now I am here, in a brand new apartment...already making friends...working hard to build my brand...and excited to explore everything here!


The BLOG...Right now I do not plan to make any changes to the site, as I am honestly not sure what I want to name it. I want to make changes to it, to spruce up my photos, and to give it a little facelift, but at this time due to finances and my busy schedule, it is not on the top of my list. When I am ready to make the change, it will happen, and I feel comfortable with that! No need to rush the process...right? 

New collaborations...I will be working with Rise Bar and Swanson Vitamins over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for posts about these brands and why I love them, use them, and how grateful I am that they support my healthy and active lifestyle! And obviously, I will be building and growing NuttZo. Make sure you check out our recipe page, for so many delicious and nutritious recipes...They are so many good ones! 

I gained 10 pounds and so much MORE...Since I left Nantucket, yes I gained 10 pounds of necessary, healthy, beautiful pounds. I needed it. I needed to put on weight. And once I did, I gained not only my health and my body back but I gained so much more. I am excited to share my journey. 


The Charleston Food Scene...Oh friends this is going to be FUN! I mean where do I even start? I of course will be sharing my eats that I cook up in my beautiful apartment here, but I have to figure out how to talk about the FOOD in this city. Food is EVERYWHERE here and it is an amazing thing! It makes me giddy just thinking about it. People love to eat, drink and have fun here and I am excited to explore it ALL with new friends! Buckle up and let us have some FUN!

Have a beautiful weekend y'all! XOXO


It is time to head bACK to the island after a week of celebrating with family and friends. It was a week well spent. There was LOTS of food consumed...There was LOTS of time spent on the yoga mat...There was LOTS of time connecting with Mom, old friends, and new friends. But it is time to get bACK into my routine and set my intentions for 2017. My body and mind are ready for my routine and I am VERY READY for the new year! I am just READY for a clean slate and fresh start!

Jockey Hollow New Jersey

"INTENTION leads to BEHAVIORS which lead to HABITS which lead to PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT which leads to DESTINY"

I am not one to set "goals" for the New Year or at the beginning of a new month, but I do believe in setting intentions, which is one of the many things that I work with, with my Life Coach. My intentions have nothing to do with fitness and food. They dig deeper. They are not easy. They take patience, practice, and work. As you know, working on yourself is never an easy task. Admitting your faults is hard enough, but then taking the time to work on them is when the real work begins...


My 2017 Intentions
  • WIN AT LOVE personally and professionally - The past few months I have experienced a lot of bumps in the road, both personally and professionally. Nothing has come easy. It felt like everything was a struggle and required 100% effort, which in the end was leaving me exhausted, depleted, and slightly negative. 2017 is going to be about WINNING! Winning at love, relationships, business opportunities, health, and overall life. A little cheesy...YES...but for ME, this is the kind of attitude I need to make 2017 a WINNING year!
  • Travel MORE - I can easily become a hermit on Nantucket and get into a routine. This routine gets comfortable real fast and before I know it POOF time has slipped away. It is time to shake up the routine. It is time to explore. It is time to get out of my comfort zone. I am single. I am young. I have worked hard. It is time to book some trips and BE FREE!
  • Be FEARLESS - I am always talking about being "fearless" and it is a good reminder and intention for me as the new year approaches. I am a very sensitive person, which is one of my strengths but can also be one of my weaknesses. Sometimes I need to take a little bit of that emotion and sensitivity out of the picture and just GO FOR IT! This applies to all aspects of my life. 
  • Have more FUN - Do I need to say more??? I want to travel more...Go out more...Flirt more...Learn more...Build and dream MORE! I have to step out of my routine and live fully and let my full self shine. It is time to get out of my comfort zone and LIVE! It's time to go FUNNING!

It is not a big list and that is a good thing for ME! I believe it is important to keep things SIMPLE! These are intentions that I know I can work on daily. These are intentions that I can give 100% of my attention too. These are intentions that I KNOW I have to work on to be the best version of ME! 

Have a happy and healthy New Year friends and see you in 2017!

Tell me ONE of your favorite 2017 Intentions...

CHANGE Is In The Air...

My summer clients have gone home...the weather is slowly but surely changing...the days are getting shorter...the island is quieting down...and it is time to embrace the new season! Change is in the air and I have been feeling it and thinking about "WHAT IS NEXT?" for me personally and professionally. How do I become the best version of ME? What do I need to do to take my business to the next level? Am I ready to make and embrace change? 

What Is Next...

Nantucket is a magical place ALL year round! It has allowed me to heal. It is forcing me to see my flaws and my strengths. It is forcing me to come out of my shell. It is telling me to keep dreaming BIG; to not give up; to BELIEVE! Summer has been fun, but it is time to move on. It is time to get back into my blogging routine. It is time to write. It is time to focus on different topics that are now becoming more passionate to me. I want this space to be a place where readers come to be inspired, to laugh, to learn. I want to write more about how I am healing and letting go of my demons. I want to write about being single and what it is like and what I am learning. I want to showcase people who inspire ME. What do you think? Sound good...are you ready?


Owning my OWN Shit:

This has been the biggest change for me thus far since moving to Nantucket! Do you know how hard it is to admit your faults and say them out loud to yourself and to others? It sucks. I had some incidents towards the end of the summer that was a slap in the face for me. They were signs that were telling me to "wake the F*  up!!! And I will not lie that it wasn't until this past week that I finally started feeling better about everything because I owned my shit. I screamed it out loud. I talked it out. So now that it is out in the universe it is time. Time for changes to my health, to opening up to love, to just being the best version of ME! 

Letting GO Of The Past:

I have always been VERY attached to my hair! I know it sounds crazy, but it is just one of those things about me. I wanted it long, luscious, and thick. I would never allow the stylist to cut off more than 1/2 an inch. As I have gotten older, my hair is no longer thick. It just did not look healthy. It looked weak and sad. (I told you I have an emotional bond to my So when I went to my stylist a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was time for a CHANGE. It was time to let go of the past. It was time for a fresh look. I just did it. I did not overthink it. I just went for it and BAM it was gone and gosh it felt good, like REALLY good! So here is the NEW me!

Letting Go Of The Past

Figuring out what is my "HELL-YEAH":

If you asked me ten years ago what my profession would be, I would have NEVER EVER thought it would be where I am today and that is pretty awesome. I can never imagine going back into the corporate world (unless someone offered me a ridiculous salary, benefits, and location...obviously). I love the work that I do. I love to be inspire help people tell their make them shine and know their true worth. I like being able to work from home and create my own schedule and do my work from anywhere. 

Right now I am doing a little bit of everything, which is very time-consuming and some days leaves me scrambling and scatter brained, so it is time to focus. This is the perfect time to figure out what my "HELL-YEAH" is and commit to that and make that "HELL YEAH" become a success. 

Embracing CHANGE:

When I first saw the below image on Meg's Instagram page last week, it was something that really resonated with me! The past month I would say has been rough, but a major eye opener for me that is forcing me to look deep inside and to make changes that have been ready to happen, but I was never ready to make them happen. Things are about to get REAL! I want this to be a safe place where I can share my story and you can share yours. Where we can inspire each other...heal each other...motivate and educate each other to live our lives to the fullest. It is time to heal. It is time to nourish. It is time to grow. It is time to LOVE!

Embracing Change

With all of this being said friends, I hope that you will embark with me on this new journey! It is going to be a wild ride, but a good one. There will be laughter and maybe tears, but there will be lots of joy. We will talk about food, health, love, and life. It is going to be awesome and I hope that you continue to follow me. Have a beautiful day friends! 

Are you embracing the change in seasons?

What is your "Hell-YEAH"?