Booty Barre

Inspiring Women Who Inspire ME

I know that I am repeating myself, but signing up for the Winter membership at The Westmoor Club was such a good investment. The facility is beautiful; the staff is friendly; the steam room; the classes; and the people I have met...No complaints here! Plus, during these col and quiet days on Nantucket, it is a nice way to get out of the house and move my body, before starting my day. 

I am not usually one to take classes, but when I joined The Westmoor Club, I wanted to try new things and switch up my routine, I needed a change. One of the first teachers I met was Amy. After her Spin class, we started talking and she not only recognized me from She Rocks Fitness (I felt famous for a hot minute), but she also had worked with my Mom as a realtor. It was an instant connection. 

Amy is one of those women who is always smiling! She is beautiful. She is strong and passionate about what she does. She radiates GOOD ENERGY! I knew I needed to introduce you to her and let you know that you will be seeing a lot more of her! It has been great getting to know her at the gym and outside of our yoga pants attired. Yes we have actually dressed up and celebrated with good food and wine with friends!

Friends...Meet Amy...

Amy Stanford

How you condition and take care of your body affects all aspects of your life. For me, feeling good about the foods that keep me nourished and being proud of what my body can accomplish during a workout gives me a positive outlook on everything from friendships and marriage to my career. Trust me, I am human and I also recognize that enjoying a few glasses of wine with my best girlfriends and staying out way too late every once in a while can also make me happy! My name is Amy and I am a Midwestern girl who quickly fell in love with Island Life on Nantucket. 

My fitness philosophy and love for an active lifestyle stems significantly from my experience as a competitive dancer. Music moves me...really! I love how certain songs can evoke emotions and expressions. Whether it is skipping to the beat of the music or really getting down with some hard hitting cardio hip-hop, it feels good to move! I believe that maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is all about making the right choices for your body, because you WANT to. It is not always easy, but mixing it up and trying new things helps me stay interested and enthusiastic. 

Amy Sanford

As an AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group X Instructor I teach a variety of classes. I am also a certified Booty Barre Instructor and incorporate that practice into my own routine, as well as my class schedule regularly. My favorite workout is ever changing, but I seem to always look forward to a Booty Barre workout! My schedule is currently composed of barre, spin, and a couple HIIT classes. When I am not working out, I love spending time with my husband, Henry; traveling anywhere there is a beach involved; and enjoying the outdoors!

Amy Sanford

Thank you Amy for taking the time to contribute to ACKTIVE LIFE! And thank you for introducing me to Booty Barre! Since I enjoy this class so much and find a lot of the workouts very beneficial to my other trainings, posture, and strength, we decided to share these moves with all of you! They are awesome and fun and different, but the perfect way to change up your routines as well as ours, so stay tuned! And if you are EVER on Nantucket and looking to stay ACKtive, make sure to let me know and maybe I can take you to one of Amy's classes! 

Do you have a friend in the fitness industry who inspires you?

Have you ever taken a Booty Barre class?