I’m  BACK…With a NEW brand...A NEW blog...A NEW ME!

It is time to get ready for a year of FUN and to join me on this NEW journey!

My ACKTIVE LIFE is finally happening after months of planning, writing, dreaming, and believing in this new look and more importantly the new me. I have BIG dreams and plans for this new space. My expectations are pretty high, but I am definitely in the right place and the right mindset to make it happen. It will happen here...30 miles out to sea!

Nantucket is a magical place...It is my happy place! It is not perfect by any means, but as you know, neither is life. Nantucket is a unique island that many people know or experience during the Summer months. The off season is a whole different experience and one that I will share throughout this journey, because it is pretty wild! I do love these winter months. I love that I want to write about this island and my own personal journey here. I have never felt this before, in other places that I have lived, and I have lived in many. I believe it is the salty air...the smell of the island...the wind...the ocean...It is magical. This was a big move to Nantucket and I want this to work badly. I want to thrive here. I want to succeed here. I want to call this HOME!  For so many years I have run around this country trying to find that place and I hope this is it, and only time will tell!

It is FINALLY happening! The NEW @acktivelife is LIVE! @acktivelife #Nantucket #islandlife #brand #blog #dreamBIG

Nantucket is just a piece of ACKTIVE LIFE...Here you will continue to find…

  • Workouts: I love putting these together for myself, but more importantly for YOU! I am always happy when clients, friends, and people who I do not even know, send me emails letting me know that they are doing them. There will be plenty with more photos and more videos. I am slowly but surely getting more comfortable in front of that camera!
  • Food: How could I not write about food! So much good food has been eaten here on this tiny little island! What I love most though is that my group of friends here LOVE to cook and eat, so I have found my “tribe”. Since most of the restaurants are closed during the winter, you have dinner parties and gosh darn they are good. New recipes are coming your way and they are DELICIOUS!
  • Product Reviews: I only work with companies whose products I truly believe in. You will not find reviews here that do not fit me, my brand, or my lifestyle. I have worked so many great companies in the past and I look forward to continuing to work with these, but introducing you to new ones. One of my favorite parts of blogging and social media are being able to share the things that I love and help support my active and healthy lifestyle. I am even hoping to broaden out a little bit in some other ideas I have…
  • Nantucket: These posts are about my journey on this island...About my single life...About nourishing and healing me...About what it is truly like to live on a island that has 4 seasons.

So that is kind of it in a nutshell. I hope that you will follow me on this Kookie Katie journey! With that being said, let the next chapter begin…#myACKtivelife

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So sign up for the blog and get ready for the official kick off happening next week...It is going to be AWESOME!!!