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Happy and Healthy with Nature's Recipe

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nature’s Recipe®. The opinions and text are all mine*

Life is truly better with DOGS! I cannot imagine my life without them and I am so grateful that my parents raised me with them from a young age. Dogs are such simple creatures. They just want to to be loved, fed, exercised, and to sleep with a roof over their head. And dogs teach us humans that we should live simply, love more, exercise more, and be grateful for the little things. At least that is what I think my little Lucy is telling me. I hope that in my next life that I come back as one of my dogs.

Since graduating college, I have owned two wonderful dogs on my own and I cannot imagine those past and present years without my four-legged ladies by my side. They have traveled the country, eaten lots of good food, swam in oceans, lakes, rivers, hiked the mountains, run on the beaches, and have always been by my side through the good and the bad.

I make sure that Lucy stays active on a daily basis. I want her to live a long and healthy life that is filled with lots of swimming, tennis balls, rawhides, and nutritious food. Rain or shine, I always make time to GET OUTSIDE with Lucy. It is my time to disconnect and it is her time to lead the way and enjoy our “alone time” adventures. I know she appreciates this time together just as much as I do. She thanks me with lots of kisses and cuddles!

For such a long time, Nature’s Recipe was only sold at pet specialty stores, but now I can purchase at Walmart for a low and convenient price. Just like healthy foods for humans, dog food can definitely get expensive, so it is great that I can now purchase Lucy’s food at a great price, that still gives her a wholesome meal option.

 Why do I feed Lucy Nature’s Recipe?

  • High - Quality Protein
  • NO corn or wheat
  • NO artificial flavors or preservatives
  • NO poultry by-product meal
  • Feeds HER life to the fullest Recipes that are crafted to bring HER best!

I am definitely particular about what I feed Lucy on a regular basis, but don’t worry she gets spoiled plenty too. Just like with humans, we all deserve to treat ourselves, but with dogs, it is a must, because they eat the same thing every day! Lucy’s treats include Mom’s homemade meatballs, fried eggs with Canadian bacon and a slice of toast, and dog biscuits that smell so good, I could probably eat them. It is all about BALANCE and making sure I keep her active too, otherwise, there could be an issue…HA!

They both licked their bowls CLEAN! I would say they both left breakfast with happy bellies! If you are looking for a new food to feed your beautiful dog, I highly recommend that you check out new Nature’s Recipe at Walmart and stock up on a healthier and affordable food option for your pet. They will love it and your wallet will too!

Do you feed your dog Nature’s Recipe?

How do you keep your dog happy and healthy?

Weekend Ramblings

On the weekends I typically try to fully disconnect, but sometimes that changes and I end diving head first into work projects. I get into a groove and just go with it. Sometimes this totally backfires on me and then come the following weekend I am totally burnt out. This weekend was one of those weekends I worked away. It was gray and dreary and I had the energy and the ideas flowing, so I tackled it all. So join me in my "Weekend Ramblings"! 

I have a Saturday routine...No joke this happens almost every Saturday. I really need to work on sleeping in more, especially since warmer days are right around the corner. I'll blame it on winter and the crappy gray weather. 

  • 6:00 AM wake up...It is way too early and I need to change this!
  • Coffee
  • Workout
  • EAT
  • Nap - which typically ends up being 1 - 1 1/2 hours
  • Disconnect + Relax + Wine + Food with family and friends!

Almost ALL of my meals seem to be eaten out of bowls... Is it weird that I really enjoy eating almost all my meals out of bowl? Here is the proof...

Weekend Ramblings
Weekend Ramblings
  • Chinese Take Out...A little bit of this and that!
Weekend Ramblings
  • Sweet Potato
  • Kale, Riced Cauliflower, and Trader Joe's Tempeh (love the extra protein and texture!)
  • Seasoned with garlic powder, red pepper flakes, black pepper
Weekend Ramblings

Costco cherry pie and vanilla ice cream (Costco has AMAZING baked goods!)

Workout GOALS...

  • Get outside more! (the weather has been a huge damper on my Vitamin D intake)
  • Variety - I have gotten into the rut of doing a lot of cardio lately and I need to switch it up and bring back the booty and strength. Yes, that booty of mine has been looking like a flat pancake and needs a little boost. I have been finding some awesome inspiration and workouts from Emily Schromm. She's one badass woman! 

What lies ahead...As the seasons change, I have noticed that I am ready for a change! It is probably the Pisces in me that always has my mind wondering, dreaming, and exploring. The past few months have been a time of healing and nourishing and happiness. But it has also been a time of uncertainty, confusion, and nervousness. When you are 38 and still single and all of your friends are married with kids and owning houses and you are here trying to figure out what the hell you are truly meant to do with your life, it can be scary. But leave it to Mom to snap you out of it and put things in perspective. I have my health. I have a loving family. I have beautiful, inspiring, and supportive friends. And when you are single, the world is your oyster and you can do what you want. So we shall see my friends...Buckle up it's going to be a fun ride!

Weekend Ramblings

I hope y'all had a beautiful weekend and cheers to a new week! xoxo

Do you have a weekend routine? 

Bowls or Plates?

Friday Friendly Reminders

And we meet again and we meet on the BEST day of the week! I am liking this day of the week to post. It is a nice time to reflect on the past week, to talk about what happened, and to slowly start to unwind and enjoy the weekend. Today is a round up of friendly reminders for all of us to work on. I am looking forward to tackling them all. Aggressive...maybe...but totally worth it! Have a fabulous weekend and see y'all next week! xoxo

Treat Yourself

Do you make sure to spoil yourself every week? Maybe it is retail therapy, a manicure/pedicure, sweet treats, or a trip, I believe it is definitely a must that you treat yourself to something that makes you HAPPY! You work hard and not allowing yourself to enjoy that hard work, well is just not fun. It can be a simple treat or an elaborate treat, whatever it is, go for it. For me, it is a simple one, but something my body has been craving. A bowl of ice cream with peanut M&M's twice a week and I am a happy lady. 

Friday Friendly Reminder


JUST DO IT!!! Whether it is for the entire weekend or 2 hours, put away your devices and just be in the moment. Enjoy the time away from staring at your phone and make eye contact with those around you...Be bored for a few minutes...Pick up a good book and read...And give those thumbs a little break. 

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Share The NuttZo LOVE

I LOVE working for NuttZo, not only because I am obsessed with their nut butters, but because I am inspired by Danielle and what she has done to build her business, while always making sure to give back. Check out our latest feature in the Daily Burn. Great stuff is happening this year for the NuttZo Team and the hard work is definitely paying off! Make sure to check out the #NuttZoNEWS page and spread the #NuttZoLOVE!


Do you know how many times I have heard NO? A LOT and yet I keep on trucking because giving up is not an option whether it comes to my personal or professional life. I have applied to so many jobs, campaigns, and emailed brands and people that I want to work with. I either hear a NO or no response. And the same goes with dating. I put myself out there and swipe to the right a heck of a lot more than I used to. And yes you guessed it...I hear a lot of crickets. No pity party here. I am just reminding all of you and myself of course, that we all hit a lot of speed bumps in life. "Adulting" is hard. Hearing "NO" day in a day out is hard.  

Daily Reminder to: Keep your head up...stay strong...believe...give it 100%...NEVER GIVE UP!


We experienced warm weather this week and it was FABULOUS! I really hope that you took some time to get out there and soak up that Vitamin D. When you have been cooped up all winter, there is no better feeling for me than to put on my shorts and get outside for a long run and actually start sweating because it is so warm. WINNING! Each day this week, I made sure to take the pups for a walk and I know that they enjoyed the weather too. Disconnect and opt to get outside to soak up that fresh air. Spring is COMING! 

LOVE Yourself With These Self-Care Tips  

This past winter I have talked a lot about self-care. I believe it is necessary for us to be selfish and to take care of ourselves in whatever ways make us feel our best inside and out. When you fell happy and healthy, it shows and you radiate your beauty, power, and confidence to the universe. And that energy is CONTAGIOUS! Read a few of my self-care tips in this month's  Core Power post: HERE

Friday Friendly Reminders

How are you practicing self-care this month?

Did you get OUTSIDE this week?

Island Girls Start A Podcast

For a long time, I have been wanting to write about my "Oh So Single Life" and what it is like dating on Nantucket and what it is like to be a single lady in today's society. Let's be is HARD. It is frustrating. It is exhausting. And it is CONFUSING! With all the dating sites, apps, and trying to figure out the "rules", it is a hot mess and sometimes leaves my head spinning. I know that I am not the only lady out there who feels this way. Raise your hand if you agree?

Every time I would try to sit down and write about this, I felt overwhelmed and I was having a hard time putting it ALL on paper. Thank goodness for podcasts! And thank goodness for my partner in crime Dorothy! A few months ago, we started meeting at the Corner Table for delicious coffee, tea, and to talk about life, wellness, love, and Nantucket life. We both love to write, dream BIG, and inspire others, so it occurred to us that we have a lot to share. After brainstorming for a while, we believed it was time to start "Island Girls". 

Island GIRLS

Let us learn a little bit more about Dorothy first...

Dorothy is a 7th generation Nantucketer. When she hit her rock bottom in her 20s, she made a choice that everything she would do in life she would do for love. Every day she makes that choice which has lead her to travel the world, become an entrepreneur, a yogini and love have fueled her writing, having a weekly Freaky Friday column on The Nantucket Chronicle, she has written Amazing Love Diet and has another book coming out, War on Love. Love can be a hard choice to make but it's always worth making. 

Island Girls

Make sure to follow the beautiful Dorothy on her social media platforms

So here we GO friends...It is going to be a fun and interesting journey and we hope that all of you will follow along...listen...ask questions...and get involved! Click on the link below and listen to the "Island Girls" FIRST podcast! ENJOY!

What topics would you like to see us cover?

Are you single? If so, have you experienced "ghosting" or "poof act"? 



This summer on Nantucket I have seen a lot more plastic surgery than ever before...And honestly, it makes me sad! Women of all ages not only here, but all over the world are starting to morph into something that is far from REAL. Women are injecting their bodies with "stuff" constantly to stop the aging process and it has become a serious and disturbing addiction. Women are turning into something that is far from a "natural" look. What happened to aging gracefully?

I remember when I was younger, my Mom would always say to my Dad: "I just want a little tuck here around my eyes and a little pull here on my neck?" My Dad, who was a surgeon was very adamant that this was not going to happen...The main reason was because he LOVED her for who she was inside and out and he did not want her to change. I am glad he said no because my Mom is aging beautifully, but it is also because her beauty is so strong within. 

I too have even thought about plastic surgery. When I lost a lot of weight after college, my boobs took on a whole new look and it was definitely not the perky look. And it is not my boobs that are sagging too, it is happening everywhere. No matter how many chest presses I do, different variations of squats I perform, cardio, lunges, my body is just not the way it used to be. This is LIFE and this is REALITY! I have cellulite that will never go away. I have stretch marks on my inner thighs. I have freckles and sun spots on my face. I have wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. This is me at 37! 


Would it be nice to have perky boobs again...OBVIOUSLY! But going under the knife and changing my body into something else is just not what I want. And that is my choice. I will continue to train hard as long as I can. I will continue to eat well on a daily basis, but make sure that I indulge in wine, pizza, cheeseburgers, and sweet treats whenever my big heart desires. I will do it the natural way to achieve the look that makes me feel my BEST!

I do not want to look like the Kardashians. I do not want to look like a plastic doll. I do not want to look unrecognizable. How weird is it to see so many women on TV these days of ALL ages caked in makeup, filled with botox, and never looking disheveled? And you wonder why women put so much pressure on themselves to look a certain eat a strict hours of cardio...It is a hard look to maintain day in and day out. It looks flat out miserable! 


If my friends and a man cannot accept these beautiful imperfections, then we are not meant to be. REAL beauty comes from the inside! Do not get me wrong, I work really hard to get to stay strong. To eat well. To maintain a look that works for me. And YES, I have had my own demons with food and exercise in the past and even some days now. I am human and I have slip ups and YES society can put pressure on me too. That is normal. But I recognize it...Talk about...And then move the HELL on, because I do not want to waste my time on constantly worrying about "what I should look like". There is way too much fun to be had out in the world to focus on this! 


LOVE what God gave you! Embrace your strengths, your weaknesses, your flaws, and remember that the REAL beauty comes from deep inside! When that inner beauty vibrates out, others notice it and LOVE you for who you are! #REALWomenWrinkle is definitely my favorite hashtag of this summer and I constantly remind myself to that is REAL!


What are your thoughts on #REALWomenWrinkle?

Are you disturbed by the "look" that women are trying to attain?