16 Getting To Know Me Things

July has been one heck of a roller coaster month! It started out REALLY strong, positive, adventurous, flirtatious, carefree, and flat out crazy and fun! But at the end of the month, I have felt completely depleted, exhausted, stressed, and finding myself just needing to breathe and take some time to myself. It happens...It is hard to go full speed ALL the time. This last week of July is here and I am ready for a new month! It was nice to spend this past week taking a step back and forcing myself to just CHILL OUT!

It is easy to get wrapped into the craziness here on the island and to want it to it ALL and have an EPIC summer, but if you try to do that here, you will be broke, tired, sluggish, and depleted. I always remind what YOU want to do and do what makes YOU happy! With that being said...cheers to FRIDAY and cheers to fun and light heartened post...Thanks Emily for the post inspiration! 

16 Getting To Know Me Things

What brings you the greatest joy?

Waking up every morning and realizing that I live on Nantucket Island! After so many years of wondering where I am supposed to be personally and professionally; always struggling with not being comfortable in a place that I was living; and constantly asking myself..."Where Is My Happy Place?" It is nice to know that this is it. I know that you can "never say never", but for right now this is JOY!

Nantucket Island

This is where I feel my BEST! I feel confident, strong, beautiful, powerful being able to live in the ocean; soak up the sunshine and the salty air; and to ROCK that beach hair every darn day of the week. My life here is by no means perfect and I still have slip ups, bad dates, nagging thoughts, and frustrations with my jobs. But being able to step away from these things and walk on the beach is JOY! It puts everything in perspective for me as soon as I step onto the sand or run into the water! 

Nantucket Island

What are your vices?

All the NuttZo every single morning! Make sure to use ACK-20 to get 20% off your online order! The crunchy ones are by far my favorite and these nut butters keep me fueled and my belly happy, plus I absolutely LOVE working with them and their team. The BEST! 

What is on your nightstand?

At least 2 books, my journal, my Garmin watch, and phone, which I charge both at night. I am currently reading "Here's To Us", by Elin Hilderbrand. I use my phone as an alarm but always have it on silent. 

Do you have a secret talent?

Of course, I do...It is called being AWESOME!

What should everyone try at least once in their life?

Something that scares the absolute crap out of them! For me, that was bungee jumping in Switzerland out of a gondola over a mineral lake! Taking that step over the edge and just falling was by far the scariest thing I have ever done. It was AWESOME, scary, fun, and I have no regrets! My Mom, on the other hand, wanted to kill me after she heard that I did this.

What makes you laugh?

Little Lucy of course...Having a dog is free entertainment every single day!

Nantucket Island

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I am scared to death of public speaking! I absolutely cannot stand it and will avoid it at all costs!

What is on your bucket list?

To do a surf and yoga retreat in the winter months! I think that this would be the perfect vacation to escape the isolation and cold months on Nantucket during the winter. Who wants to join me and who has some favorite locations? I also REALLY want to support my friend Andrew and try one of his adventures on a sailboat. How amazing does this look?

What is on your feet right now?

Bare feet as much as possible...Usually salty, covered in sand! HA! Sneakers are always by the side of my desk, along with flip flops right next to them. Summer feet ALL summer long!

How did you make your first dollar?

Babysitting...Of course! When you are the oldest of 4 you start early! 

What superstition do you believe in?

  • I never walk under ladders;
  • I freak out when a black cat walks in front of me;
  • I always throw a penny off the ferry when we go past Brant Point!

What sports did you play in high school?

I played field hockey, volleyball, and lacrosse all 4 years. Thank goodness that I did, because I was NOT a fan of high school and being completely occupied with sports all year round kept me busy and out of trouble. And all those hours on the field definitely paid off! 

What items in your closet do you wear the most?

I feel like y'all know the answer to this...Lululemon shorts, tops, and sports bras ALL SUMMER LONG! And yes all three of those items every day. 

What is the best gift you have ever received?

Giving myself Kala and Lucy! Having dogs in my life is and will be the best gift I could ever give myself. So many lessons many adventures many memories made! I don't need to keep going on about this, y'all know how I feel about dogs!

What is on your kitchen counter?

LOTS of Simply Organic spices...Ninja Blender...Cuisinart Toaster Oven...Coffee Machine...And ALWAYS flowers! With the humidity and the ant problem during the summer months, you do not want to leave that much food out on the counters otherwise, there will be a serious raid! 

What would you never leave home without?

I hate to admit it, but I never leave without my phone. 

Happy Friday Friends and have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

What makes you laugh?

What brings you joy?