Friday Feelings...

Happy Friday Friends! Are you ready for the weekend? Are you ready to disconnect? Well before you do that, grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's chat. It seems my schedule these days isn't allowing me to post as much as I want, but you know is okay. It is about quality and not quantity. It is about writing when it feels right. It is about writing what inspires you and what you are passionate about. I do not want this space to feel forced. It is a space to be real. What you see is what you get...So let's chat...XOXO

Time is FLYING...Literally, no matter how early I wake up, the days in Charleston just disappear. Sometimes I want it to slow down, especially on the weekends, when I am finally making time to disconnect (it feels amazing). I love it here. I am glowing. I am working my butt off. I am being social and getting out and exploring. It feels right. It has been over a month and my feelings still have not changed, which feels good. I can be so superstitious, so I am hoping I am not jinxing myself...DOH!

Be YOU... there is truly nothing more beautiful than a woman who is HERSELF! She is comfortable in her own her own everything that she does. When you do YOU, you glow inside and out and the energy is contagious. It makes me happy to see so many bloggers, friends, and STRONG women speaking up these days and inspiring others to throw the stupid dieting rules out the window and just DO YOU! Do what makes YOU happy...Do workouts that make YOU feel strong and beautiful...Do eat foods that YOU love and not what society is telling you to eat. Love the hell out of yourself and live YOUR life!

My favorite read this week showcased just that.  Root for Food's most recent post about her journey was so INSPIRING, beautiful, encouraging, and honest! I think it is safe to say that she is a mermaid goddess! 

Root for Food

Back on the MAT...I have found my yoga home at Charleston Power Yoga and I am grateful for this space and grateful to be back on the mat. Yoga is my therapy. It is my time to work on my breath, my balance, my strength, and most importantly ME. The studio is a mile away from my apartments. It is a small space. It gets hot as hell in there, which I LOVE! And the teachers are badass, beautiful woman. I hope to introduce y'all to them soon. I am back into my yoga groove and my hips and hamstrings could not be happier! 

Charleston Power Yoga

Recent EATS...It is already really hot down here, so I have been eating a lot of protein packed smoothies and breakfast bowls and for lunches and dinners lots of salads, tuna fish, tempeh, and STEAK. What that craving comes in strong, I feed my belly a steak! The BEST! 

Protein Packed Breakfast Bowls
Protein Packed Breakfast Bowls
Steak Dinner

Girl CRUSH...Need some inspiration, well I have got you covered. I FINALLY met Kindal in person when I moved here and well let me just say, she is one STRONG woman both inside and out. Every time I meet up with her for a workout, run, or food, I am blown away by her beauty, strength, and work ethic. Girl crush ALERT! She is probably one of the only women who I know who can kick my ass. I get nervous driving to her gym to workout. She puts me to shame! So not only is she a girl crush but she is inspiring me to train harder. I cannot wait to start doing more of her workouts with her. BRING IT ON! 

NuttZo NEWS...To ALL my friends who LOVE NuttZo just as much as I do...I have HUGE news! You #NuttZoFANATICS can now buy your #NuttZo2GO packets on AMAZON! This is HUGE and we are so excited to be partnering up with Amazon to help all of you make your shopping for #NuttZo easier! Stay tuned for sales and when all of our products will be available. In the meantime, go SHOP our #7nutsandseedbutter NOW for all your summer adventures!!!

NuttZo in the NEWS

Tell me something AWESOME that you are feeling this week!!! Only positive energy today! XOXO

What I Eat For Dinner At Home...

Hey Monday...Hey middle of June...Hey where the heck is time going? I had such a great weekend with my little sister and her good friend on Nantucket. We ate...We drank all the rose, in honor of National Rose Day of course...We danced...We just had fun! My little sister is pretty amazing. I learn a lot from her...She is outgoing, fearless, honest, strong, and beautiful on the inside and out, a dog whisperer, and always gives BIG HUGS! She is just a blast and I am grateful for her advice and help that she gives me.  Geez where did all that sappiness talk come from...Onto the food!

I love to cook at home! My meals are definitely not elaborate. They are simple, nourishing, healthy, and pretty delicious for being so easy to put together during the week. I typically now eat 5 meals at home and 2 meals out, which is the perfect balance for me these days. At the end of a long day, I like to be able to throw a dinner together and relax in front of the TV and enjoy my guilty pleasure Bravo TV shows. Yes, I know it is bad, but these shows require no thinking and let us face it, they are comical and definitely entertaining. 

So here is what a week of meals look like that I cook at home here on Nantucket Island...

Seasoned Flank Steak with Grilled Romaine - Parmesan - Tomatoes

What I Eat For Dinner At Home

Seasoned Salmon with Roasted Zuccini - Sweet Potato

What I Eat For Dinner At Home

NJ Bagel with Seasoned Tuna Salad - Romaine - Tomatoes

What I Eat For Dinner At Home

Grilled Seasoned Pork Chops with Brussels Sprouts - Romaine - Tomatoes - Feta Cheese

What I Eat For Dinner At Home

Roasted Salmon with Brussels Sprouts - Indian Bread - Avocado

What I Eat For Dinner At Home

Do you like to cook complex meals or simple meals?

How many nights do you eat out during the week?

Recent Nantucket EATS

Giddy with joy that it is Friday...That the Nantucket Wine Festival is here...That the sun has been shining and the temperatures are SLOWLY getting warmer...That my recent eats have been delicious, nourishing, and simply awesome! Oh and I am back in the gym building up my strength and it feels good to be a little sore and that my appetite is revved up and ready to eat all the good food...New attitude...New perspective...New outlook after the cleanse. I am on a roll folks! The energy and creative juices are pouring out and I am just going with it!!!

So let us talk about food and what I have been devouring this past week...YUMMY!

Scrambled Eggs With Salba Chia...Blueberries...Chocolate Nuttzo

Recent Eats

Everything NJ Bagel With Avocado And Broccoli Salad

Recent Eats

BIG OLD SALAD With Chicken Salad With Brussels Sprouts...Simply Organic Spices...Hot Sauce

Recent Eats

Chicken Breast With Roasted Potatoes And Broccolini

Recent Eats

Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Crust With Pepperoni...Olives...Mushrooms

Recent Eats

I love that the outdoor table and chairs have been set up so that I can work outside with Lucy on the warmer days and soak up that Vitamin D! Yes I can very frustrated some days being an entrepreneur, but being able to work outside daily is a major perk. Plus they make my food photos look a lot more pretty...even my breakfast with that ridiculous dollop of chocolate Nuttzo! 

Luckiest Nantucket Rescue Dog

What is your favorite salad topping?

Are you working on strength or endurance these days?