Wellness Tips For October

I had a lot of time this past rainy weekend to get stuff DONE! And I did...I had a list of chores that I wanted to tackle and miraculously all were accomplished. By Sunday night though I was getting stir crazy. These grey clouds can move on out of here, cause this Island woman needs her Vitamin D. Sometimes these weekends are necessary, but definitely not all the time...LOL! With a new month, I always think it is a good time to reflect, refocus, and come up with a doable list of things to work on. Here are a few that I am focusing on for the beautiful month of October:

Tuesday Tips For October

Switch Up Your Routine: I am a planner and I like my schedule, but even I was getting tired of it and I knew I it was time for some changes here and there. These are just simple changes, nothing major, but healthy ideas for me. For the month of October, I am making sure to:

  • Sleep in on the weekends! Instead of getting out of bed as soon as my eyes open (between 6:00 - 6:30 AM) I am making sure to enjoy the peacefulness and just REST!
  • Working out when I want to work out, not always first thing in the morning!
  • Spend more time at a coffee shop to work instead of being cooped up in the house! I think I am going to hunker down at The Corner Table for a few weeks and treat myself to delicious coffee, a good atmosphere, and meet new people. And I hear they make a mean bacon scone! 

Book A Winter Getaway: Get out of the cold and book a fun trip to help you get some time away from your daily routine...It is important to treat yourself to something fun...To spend some time relaxing! I cannot wait to tell you all with what I have planned this coming winter. It is time to treat myself to some NEW adventures and I am FINALLY doing it! ALLELUJAH! 

Book A Winter Getaway

Turn Off Your TV And READ: I love going to the library and finding new books to read! I still fully enjoy flipping those pages. I try to make it a point to read 30 minutes or more per night. Lately, I am even reading while on the Step Mill at the gym. It makes the time go by so much faster and it is nice to not be connected to my devices and even music. I recently finished "The Magic Strings of Frankie Pesto" and it was SO GOOD! I am currently reading "The Orchardist".

So find a good a good book to cuddle up with on these cooler Fall nights and let your mind wander and enjoy the simple pleasure of reading. 

Try New Seasonal Recipes:

Have you noticed how your taste buds are craving different foods as the seasons' change? For me, all I want is apples, squash, brussels sprouts, and hearty, healthy, and delicious slow cooker recipes. I cannot wait to try this Crock Pot West African Peanut Stew! 

I have also saved all of these "6 Healthy Casseroles" by Fit Foodie Finds because these too are great for Fall, leftovers, and for meals throughout the busy week. So many great flavors and recipes that are delicious for this time of year! The "Healthy Chicken Enchilada Casserole" is calling my name...DELICIOUS! 

DISCONNECT...More Often: Just do it! Leave your phone at home when you head out for your walk or time with friends and family. Those moments are more important when you are 100% present! When Lucy and I go for our walks, I LOVE to leave my phone at the house. Walking in the peace and quiet is the BEST! I also make it a point when I am out with friends here on Nantucket that I leave my phone in my purse and do not check it. I honestly should leave that at home too...

Nantucket Island

And trust me, I am working on this as well! I made it a point on Sunday to do just this and it felt great. All 4 of my accounts were put on hold. I quickly checked each one of them and all their platforms; responded to some emails, and then after an hour I was done. This was a big step for me, but it was necessary, because it is the only way to stay sane, energized, focused, and fresh!

How are you switching up your routine for October?

How often do you honestly DISCONNECT?