Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday Friends! 

It has been an interesting week here on Nantucket, since I returned from Naples, FL. PS: I have no idea where that vacation went...It was a great trip! The weather was gorgeous. It was relaxing and fun, but I worked a lot. I closed some deals; created new content, but honestly I am pretty tired from my trip away. I had a lot on my mind and I made some big decisions and it left me feeling a little stressed and determined to keep plugging along. The peace and quiet of this beautiful island have allowed me to get back into my routine. Coming bACK always looks this good!

Nantucket Island

So now that I am bACK, this is what has been happening this week. A little bit of this and that, as it is a "Friday Thoughts" post and it is just that...Thoughts! 

  • I have received a lot of "No's" this week...I have lost followers and subscribers...I have definitely gotten frustrated, rattled, but I have also gotten motivated. My ego was bruised, but I think hearing "No" is good once in a while. Work is work...It is hard...It takes a heck of a lot of time and energy, but that is life. That is what an entrepreneur is! And I know that this new business, blog, and outlook is not for everyone. I need to be patient; roll with it; stay positive; and SMILE! 
Calvin and Hobbes
  • I have more flexibility with my schedule now, so creating videos and content are happening a lot more and I am enjoying it. It is fun to share my photos with you, to hopefully inspire you, make you laugh, and make you feel good. I have always been a Nervous Nelly in front of the camera and speaking in front of people, but I am definitely feeling more confident in my own skin. I am ready for you to see the good, the awkward, the silly, and whatever else happens. Get ready for some "realness"...
  • Lots of good food! I am enjoying cooking up here. With so many of the restaurants closed it is fun to whip up simple meals that are comforting, easy, healthy, and delicious. I have lots of them to share as I stocked up the car with a Costco run last week. My cravings as of lately are sweet potatoes, eggs, meat, and ALL the healthy fats...
  • Workouts this past week have been all about STRENGTH! Typically I like to warm-up with 30-35 minutes of cardio and then depending on time try to do 30-45 minutes of strength. I typically choose two muscle groups to focus on and then do a circuit routine. I have made sure that Lucy is getting her exercise as well...This picture sums up how she feels after her workouts!
Little Lucy

I think that is it for now. I cannot believe March is next week. I cannot believe my birthday is around the corner and I cannot believe how quickly the days go by 30 miles out at sea! Next week I will be sharing a new smoothie recipe using PowerBar products; some of my favorite Plank moves; and who knows what else! Have a wonderful day and chat soon!

Tell me one of your "Friday Thoughts"

What did your week of workouts look like?