Island Girls Start A Podcast

For a long time, I have been wanting to write about my "Oh So Single Life" and what it is like dating on Nantucket and what it is like to be a single lady in today's society. Let's be is HARD. It is frustrating. It is exhausting. And it is CONFUSING! With all the dating sites, apps, and trying to figure out the "rules", it is a hot mess and sometimes leaves my head spinning. I know that I am not the only lady out there who feels this way. Raise your hand if you agree?

Every time I would try to sit down and write about this, I felt overwhelmed and I was having a hard time putting it ALL on paper. Thank goodness for podcasts! And thank goodness for my partner in crime Dorothy! A few months ago, we started meeting at the Corner Table for delicious coffee, tea, and to talk about life, wellness, love, and Nantucket life. We both love to write, dream BIG, and inspire others, so it occurred to us that we have a lot to share. After brainstorming for a while, we believed it was time to start "Island Girls". 

Island GIRLS

Let us learn a little bit more about Dorothy first...

Dorothy is a 7th generation Nantucketer. When she hit her rock bottom in her 20s, she made a choice that everything she would do in life she would do for love. Every day she makes that choice which has lead her to travel the world, become an entrepreneur, a yogini and love have fueled her writing, having a weekly Freaky Friday column on The Nantucket Chronicle, she has written Amazing Love Diet and has another book coming out, War on Love. Love can be a hard choice to make but it's always worth making. 

Island Girls

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So here we GO friends...It is going to be a fun and interesting journey and we hope that all of you will follow along...listen...ask questions...and get involved! Click on the link below and listen to the "Island Girls" FIRST podcast! ENJOY!

What topics would you like to see us cover?

Are you single? If so, have you experienced "ghosting" or "poof act"? 


Last week sucked a lot of energy out of me! It was both emotionally and physically draining, so making the decision to get off the island and disconnect was EXACTLY what I needed. I was a zombie on Friday and I looked like one. You know those days when you look in the mirror and say to yourself, damn I look tired. Not a pretty site, so it was time to leave my 3 iPads and laptop home...It was time to not post anything all weekend...It was time to rest...It was definitely time to sleep, eat, and spend some good quality time with my great friend...It was time to just BE!

West Dennis

As soon as I got on the boat on Friday afternoon, I had already felt a sense of relief. Like I have said many times before, I LOVE what I do, but social media is definitely exhausting and non-stop. If you do not give yourself a break, you WILL burn out. I can safely say that I was pretty close to a burnout. So, I think I will pat myself on the back as I am doing a good job of following my "Wellness Tips For October". Go ME!

I was ready and excited to spend 2 days on the Cape with my girlfriend for some R&R. The only requirements I had was that we get manicures/pedicures; have a picnic on the beach; eat, drink, sleep, and just enjoy some relaxation. Katie had had a similar week to mine, so we both were ready to just chill. We did a pretty good job at accomplishing all of the above...WINNING!

West Dennis

The weather was perfect and the weekend was beautiful! These warm October days are my favorite and I am trying to spend as much time outside before Winter arrives. We spent almost 8 hours at the beach with a delicious spread of snacks, champagne, blankets, and good conversation. We just relaxed and talked about everything under the sun, while soaking up the sun. Effortless conversations with good friends are the best!

West Dennis

We had all the intentions of going out on the town and dressing up, but after watching the sunset we said screw it. We were comfy. We had full bellies of food and bubbles and we were tired. So just sitting in the kitchen in comfy clothes, while listening to country music and yes still snacking away, in the end, was more fun. OMG am I getting old? Am I "adulting"? This weekend was definitely not like the last time we had a girls weekend, but in the end, I think it was both what we needed. I slept past 8:00 AM...WHO AM I? This coming from the person who wakes up at 6:00 AM every day during the week. 

West Dennis

It went by way too fast. I wish Katie lived closer as she is the BEST and she has always been such a loyal, supportive, inspiring, and true friend. We have been through a lot together. We have shared our ups and downs. We are strong, independent, hard working, and fabulous women. And I always know she will be there for me and just give me the honest godforsaken truth about it all. That is why I love her and respect her and I am so glad that I got my shit together to make this quick weekend getaway to see her. 

West Dennis

"Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean...But the true ones stick, like an octopus on your face!" Thank you, Katie, for just being YOU and for showing me an AWESOME girls weekend! With that being said friends, I hope that you take the time to disconnect. Take the time to enjoy life. Take the time to be with your friends and family and really listen to them and be there for them. Life is short and when we spend so much time on our devices we truly forget how much there is to see and do and enjoy. So put it away for a day and look up! 

West Dennis

When was the last time you FULLY disconnected?