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I cannot even believe that it has been ONE YEAR since I moved to Charleston. It has been one of the fastest years thus far in ALL of the places that I have lived and it is probably because I feel beyond blessed and happy for everything that has happened over these 365 days. I definitely have to pinch myself sometimes, because life in the Lowcountry is pretty darn good.


“I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it, and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good” - Roald Dahl

A sucker for quotes, this one jumped right out to me, when I started to write about this past year, because it is so unbelievably true. Life is short, so why go at it half-assed. Why not go big? And go BIG with work, relationships, and YOU. When you are happy, being passionate about life comes naturally. It is almost like it seeps out of your pores and that crazy energy is contagious. You attract the right people; the right projects; you start evolving into your crazy amazing self!!! How freaking cool is that?

Obviously, there have been some not so pretty moments...Moments where I have failed...Been rejected, scared, unsure, and hit some speed bumps, but this is life, and I try to be REAL and honest in this space. I am still growing...learning...striving to be the best version of me. I am still figuring it all out and that is OKAY! The best part of this new chapter is that I am not doing it alone.

MY TRIBE - I have met some amazing women down here, who I have worked with and have also become very close friends with. They are teachers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and supporters of my vision and dreams. It is not easy to make friends as you get older. It is hard to put yourself out there when we are kind of set in our ways, but for the first time I have put myself out there and it has helped me connect with a solid tribe. These women have helped build my brand; my relationships; and my overall well being. The past couple of months, I have made that conscious effort to get out and connect with other like-minded women to help build my presence in this community and I am wondering what took me so long to do it. and learning!


MY PARTNER IN CRIME - I will eventually share this story because it is a good one and it is another anniversary that is approaching fast as well! Shannon is an amazing man and I am one happy and lucky lady to have met him. He’s hardworking, real, honest, kind-hearted, and yes very good looking. He has kept me on my toes. He helps me stay grounded. He motivates me. I feel safe in his arms and whenever I am with him and that is something I have not felt in a really long time.  It has been one amazing journey to where we are and I would not change any of it. Is that cheesy enough for you? BOOM! 


My BUSINESS - I am a busy woman! I am currently managing 4 different social media accounts and YES it is a lot of work...YES it is time-consuming...YES it can drive me bat crazy...but at the end of the day, I LOVE the companies that I work for and the people I have connected with. I enjoy being the voice behind other brands. I enjoy creating and inspiring and helping these businesses grow because I LOVE their products.

When it comes to my own personal brand, this is a little bit harder and is taking more time. I sometimes worry that a “Fitness and Lifestyle Influencer” has become saturated. I am by no means giving up, it at times gets extremely frustrating. But like I have said, I am just going to keep on trucking. I am going to write, create, and share with all of you the things that I love, inspire me, and continue to introduce you to my tribe! I have also made it a goal to start educating myself and truly learn how to build my brand, by joining supportive communities who specialize in this. It is time to be a little selfish and do it.

My VISION - I am going to keep it simple as I move forward into this next year down here in South Carolina. I am not going to set any goals, I am just going to do ME. There is definitely a list of things to do and things I want to do, but I am not putting any pressure on when they get done. When time flies this fast, I am finding I just have to take it one step at a time. Who knows what this coming year will bring. I think I am ready for it, but who the hell knows what will happen. Good vibes ONLY! 

What do you want to see more of in this space? Below are a few topics I love to write about, so tell me what YOU want!

  • Workout Videos
  • Simple Recipes
  • "Get It Done" Workouts
  • Women Who Inspire ME
  • Body Image 
  • Self-Care Tips


When I made the decision to get my shit together and take this leap of faith to rebrand myself, I knew that I had to step away from social media! To be 100% honest with y’all, this really involved me stepping away from Instagram, for almost TWO months. This would involve NO liking...NO commenting...NO posting...NO checking. I continued to tweet, pin, and share posts on Facebook, but as the time got closer to the launching of the NEW site, I went 100% dark and it was just what I needed. Like everyone else who takes this time away from social media, it is definitely worth it and recommended.


As I begin to move into this next chapter of my career, I knew that I really wanted to put all of my attention to my Instagram feed and to my writing. So in order to do that, I needed to take a BIG step away from my account. The timing was perfect as I was feeling BLEH...I was running out of photographs that made me 100% happy...I was tired of scrolling, engaging, and I felt like I had hit a big ass plateau. My creative juices were depleted. I needed a break.

My initial thoughts when I talked to Shelby about closing it down for those two months made me nervous. What was I going to do instead of creating posts? How many people were going to unfollow me? Would this hurt my brand? Looking at the bigger picture, these were some petty thoughts, because there is another LIFE outside of social media. And as cheesy as it sounds, I needed to focus more of my attention on my real life issues.

The day I posted the announcement that I was taking some time away, I felt relieved. I felt excited. It was just time and I enjoyed every second. Did I lose a ton of followers? HECK YEAH! Did I care about losing those followers? HELL NO! Okay...maybe I cared a little bit the first few days, but then I forgot about it. Like I said, there were other things that I need to work on, so having those extra hours were a blessing in disguise. Yes, there were moments, when I wanted to check, engage, like, and browse around, but I didn’t.

The time away allowed me to fully give Shelby and myself the attention that I needed to create the new brand. I was able to write, write, and do more writing. I had time to work on myself and my relationships. I made myself tackle those tasks that I had been ignoring forever. And I was able to come up with my plan for the new Instagram account, which was just what I needed.

With life, fitness, work, and social media, we all need a BREAK! Whether it is a big one or a little one, taking the time away is good for the soul.


“To find peace, you have to be willing to lose your connection with the people, places, and things that create all the noise” - Unknown

Do you take time away from social media?


I truly love to wake up early in the mornings and take that time to myself. There is something so peaceful about waking up to the smell of coffee brewing; watching the sunrise; hearing Lucy snoring by my feet; and being able to do about 2 hours of work with no interruptions. It is a magical and creative time for me, that I try to take full advantage of, because once the rest of the country wakes up, it is time for me to manage everyone else and I go into full work mode. I never know what each day will throw at me, so it is important for me to take full advantage of this time, and I definitely do.

Monday through Friday my schedule is pretty consistent, but on the weekends, I make sure to sleep in just a little bit more (depending on what kind of shenanigans I got into the night before), disconnect, relax and spend a decent amount of time on the couch with Shannon. Sundays involve A LOT of couch time (during the winter and the pool during the summer). He has definitely helped me SLOW DOWN on the weekends. Enjoying those slower days are good for both of us. But once Monday morning arrives, we are both ready to go and tackle the week and it is time to go back into crazy work mode.


6:00 - 6:30 AM: Coffee is brewing...And as soon as I smell it, I slowly start to get my butt out of bed. It is still dark and the sun hasn’t even started to rise. Lucy is passed out cold on her bed and Shannon rolls back over to sleep hiding under the covers. I brush my teeth, wash my face, and turn on Fox Business and wait for the coffee to be ready for that first delicious sip.

6:30 - 7:30 AM: First cup of coffee in hand. The computer is on. My planner, notebooks, phone, post its, and pencil surround me and I am ready to dive in. I check my InstagramTwitter feed, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and HootSuite. After that, I dive into the six different email accounts and respond to all of them. Then I can check the Instagram accounts that I manage and respond to all of those as well.


During this hour, I am typically on cup number two. The sun is up! I have a beautiful view from my apartment and I love being able to look over my shoulder and see it rise, see the walkers and runners on the sidewalks, and weather permitting, I will open the porch door and let Lucy sit out there and soak it all up. If I left that door open all day, she would be out there all day.

7:30 - 8:00 AM: Depending on the day, I may or may not be on cup number 3. This last half hour, I double check everything. I take some time to sit on the porch, enjoy the view, give Lucy some love, send Shannon on his way...always with a kiss, no matter what is going on. I also take that time outside, to remind myself what I am capable of doing with my life, my relationships, and how grateful I am for ALL OF IT. It is the perfect time to reflect before I set out to tackle the rest of the day.


And after all of that is done, it is time to workout. I like to get that sweat session in before 11:00 AM, because once I start getting into the afternoon hours, the time to train can disappear FAST. I am fully caffeinated. I am full of my daily goals. I hopefully have my “Positive Patty” pants on. I am ready to tackle the day. And that is that…

Do you have a morning ritual?

Early riser or sleep as long as you possibly can?


A new home...A new chapter...A new beginning! It is hard to believe that I moved to Charleston almost three weeks ago. We have arrived. We are settled (minus a couch and some outdoor patio furniture). We are HAPPY, HEALTHY, and GRATEFUL! As you all know, I have moved a lot. I have been all over this beautiful country learning, exploring, growing, and constantly searching for that special place I can call home. I refuse to settle, especially when it comes to my happiness; my personal life; and my professional life. It was time to move away from Nantucket and from the Northeast. It was time to move down south, where the sun is shining, the cost of living is cheaper and embrace that southern charm (yes some men open your door for you here!). We are adjusting quite well. We LOVE it!

Since moving here, I have thought a lot about what is NEXT. I am excited about what is NEXT. I have an overall better attitude about life down here. I feel more energized. I feel healthier. I feel blessed and I feel like now more than ever it is time to spread my wings and live fearlessly. Over the next few weeks, I have some posts I would like to tackle. There will be a lot of the same, but there will also be new topics. I am just going to go with it and see what happens. It is kind of like my journey and it feels natural to do it that way. So here we go...

Why I moved to Charleston...Why not? Over the very dreary and gray winter I spent some time figuring out where I wanted to be. I toyed with San Diego and Florida. I even thought about NYC, but that was only for a hot minute. I then reconnected with an old friend in Charleston. He told me to come down and so unlike me, I booked a flight and was down south. It just felt right. And so I did it. Yes, it was that simple! And now I am here, in a brand new apartment...already making friends...working hard to build my brand...and excited to explore everything here!


The BLOG...Right now I do not plan to make any changes to the site, as I am honestly not sure what I want to name it. I want to make changes to it, to spruce up my photos, and to give it a little facelift, but at this time due to finances and my busy schedule, it is not on the top of my list. When I am ready to make the change, it will happen, and I feel comfortable with that! No need to rush the process...right? 

New collaborations...I will be working with Rise Bar and Swanson Vitamins over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for posts about these brands and why I love them, use them, and how grateful I am that they support my healthy and active lifestyle! And obviously, I will be building and growing NuttZo. Make sure you check out our recipe page, for so many delicious and nutritious recipes...They are so many good ones! 

I gained 10 pounds and so much MORE...Since I left Nantucket, yes I gained 10 pounds of necessary, healthy, beautiful pounds. I needed it. I needed to put on weight. And once I did, I gained not only my health and my body back but I gained so much more. I am excited to share my journey. 


The Charleston Food Scene...Oh friends this is going to be FUN! I mean where do I even start? I of course will be sharing my eats that I cook up in my beautiful apartment here, but I have to figure out how to talk about the FOOD in this city. Food is EVERYWHERE here and it is an amazing thing! It makes me giddy just thinking about it. People love to eat, drink and have fun here and I am excited to explore it ALL with new friends! Buckle up and let us have some FUN!

Have a beautiful weekend y'all! XOXO

Guest Post with the Diehard Foodie

I know I am repeating myself, but one of my favorite things about blogging and social media are the connections and friendships that you can make, with people all over the world. Connecting with like minded people, who inspire you, support you, educate you is a beautiful thing. I have surrounded myself with women who are all of the above and I am grateful to have them in my life. So let me introduce y'all to Victoria. Victoria is a licensed dietician/nutritionist, who is passionate about intuitive eating, digestive health, and inspiring others to ditch the diets and make peace with food and their bodies. Read more about her story below...ENJOY! 

Sitting down to write this, I realize how different my life and my mind are these days. There’s consistent and overflowing happiness, gratitude for this beautiful life I get to live, and deep compassion for myself, my body and who I am as a person. Before I sat down to write this, I sipped on my version of bulletproof coffee while reading and then meditated. As I write this I am sipping on bone broth and have plans to enjoy a breakfast soon of eggs, bacon, and avocado.

Years ago, the calorie counter in me would have been petrified at blending butter into my coffee, or not knowing a number of calories are in my homemade bone broth. And allowing myself to eat the whole egg with bacon and avocado? Get out of here.

You see, I am different. I became a nutrient-seeker, not a calorie counter. I learned to eat intuitively and instinctively, finding foods that on a daily basis make me feel beautiful, radiant and energized. Not only because these foods and lifestyle are physically nourishing my body, but they are also mentally nourishing to my mind and soul, too.

How did I get here? How did I ditch the diets, stop calorie counting and learn to live life again? I’d be happy to explain! But let’s first start from the beginning…

It was ingrained in me at a very young age to think about what I am eating in terms of how I look. Food and specifically restriction of foods were how to get skinny. I am positive I am one of many women who was taught our self-worth is based on our size and looks. The television and media, friends and family and now these days’ social media, all tell us how we should eat and what we should look like. Don’t lie to me…you know you’ve looked at some of those Insta-famous girls and obsessed over their feed trying to figure out how they eat so you can look the same way.

I can vividly remember at the age of 16 deciding it was time to lose weight. Since all I knew about losing weight was restricting calories, I started to count my calories. It started off innocently with tracking what I was eating and realizing a lot of the foods I was eating on a daily basis were full of calories (ah, not those scary calories!) But then I started having goals of eating less and less. First, it was only 1,200 calories. And then it was 800 calories a day. And while the calorie allotment I gave myself would change throughout those dieting years, it was always way less than what my body truly needed. Unfortunately, this is what my education as a dietitian taught me to do as well- so it was further ingrained in me that this must be how to get skinny and stay that way for good (spoiler alert: it’s not). 

But throughout those eight years, I would constantly lose weight and then regain weight, almost always more than where I started initially. My metabolism became badly damaged from the constant calorie restriction, and because so many foods were off limits, I constantly craved them and would overeat the moment those foods would touch my lips.

For eight years, this is how I lived my life. Constantly calculating calories, weighing myself multiple times a day, exercising because I thought I had to and in constant war with my mind and body about what I was going to eat that day.

Shortly after my husband and I got married (almost three years ago), and I had had multiple binge eating sessions from severely restricting my calorie intake the entire year of our engagement… I snapped. I realized that eating shouldn’t be so difficult. That it didn’t have to be this way. I hit a breaking point and knew the change had to happen.

From that point on, my eating began to change. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly I stopped counting calories. I stopped tracking my eating. I stopped caring about how many macronutrients were in my meal. I threw out my scale. I read the Intuitive Eating book and went through the stages to heal my relationship with food. For months, I would challenge myself to eat foods I thought in the past I shouldn’t eat. My favorite foods like juicy cheeseburgers, ice cream, and gooey chocolate chip cookies. I was amazed that when they no longer were off limits in my mind, the joy and satisfaction I felt when eating them. I was further amazed when I was easily able to stop when I was no longer enjoying the foods, either because I was comfortably full or because they no were no longer enjoyable to eat.

Years later, my eating continues to evolve. I healed my relationship with food and made peace with my body. From there, I was able to experiment with what I was eating in terms of how it made me feel. The last couple steps in the process of healing HAVE to be last because otherwise, eating to heal your health becomes another way of dieting. Another way of controlling food. That’s why in my private practice with Meg, we have layers to do what we do. We first focus on body acceptance and self-love, practicing self-care, managing stress and getting quality sleep. Then we fix your relationship with food, making peace with all foods no matter their health benefits (or lack thereof). And once that is complete, we can begin to eat instinctively.

You see, I probably differ vastly from many dietitians because, in many ways, I agree with the premise behind the Paleo diet movement. For years I would have vehemently disagreed and anything with the word diet would have sent me into a frenzy (I still hate the word diet and don’t ever use it). But then my own health became a concern. While I had IBS for years, my symptoms became unbearable. I was not able to get my period back after getting off birth control. My allergies, asthma, psoriasis, eczema and other skin issues continued to worsen. I felt fatigue all the time but was never able to get a good night sleep. I knew it was time to change, and just as I did with healing my relationship with food- I slowly, very slowly began to make changes to my diet in order to heal my health.

While the paleo movement focuses on what we would have eaten thousands and thousands of years ago (i.e. the Paleolithic era), I don’t think that’s quite necessary. Our bodies and genes evolved over the years, and I think simply looking at a time frame where cuisine began and real food was eaten is all that is necessary. We simply need to look back 50-100 years ago. Before we demonized the very foods that made us who we are today and began eating foods that were instead made in a lab. Before we began over-analyzing food for its calorie or macronutrient profile. Before we questioned our food choices, we ate instinctively. 

I was able to fix literally every health issue I experienced by simply going back to my instincts. Meg and I believe in instinctual eating, which is our tailored approach of combining intuitive eating with eating real, whole foods. Traditional foods that your great grandmother probably ate. Foods like broth made from the bones, eating pasture raised meat with the skin and bones, cooking and eating a diet higher in fat, eating fresh foods (like fruits and vegetables but also fresh foods like raw whole milk), fermenting foods like yogurt and sauerkraut and soaking and sprouting foods like grains and nuts. These are the foods we have been eating for the past 10,000 years. These are the foods that true chefs have been cooking all along. These are the foods I used to heal my health, and foods that we all can benefit from.

I believe now in seeking nutrients, not calories. While I know our ancestors were not blending butter and collagen into their coffee or roasting vegetables with coconut oil, I think we can take these basic premises to optimize our body, mind, and soul. We can take the old age wisdom and combine it with our new age technology and personal food preferences. 

I now use my own experience and education to help others do exactly that. My hope is that by working with my clients, I can help them heal their relationship with food and then heal their health. You can learn from the past ten years I have had to get here and get there much, much quicker. It takes time, but I wish all those years ago when I was struggling that I would have just reached out for help. But I know for me, I needed to go through all those struggles, trials and tribulations so that I could help others. I needed to ditch diets and heal my health on my own so that I could be there for you when you needed it.