Michele's Granola

Breakfast Bowls ALL Week

HELLO Friday! So it was 65-70 degrees and sunny all week here on Nantucket...AMAZING! I was giddy that I was able to wear shorts, leave the doors and windows open, sit outside in the mornings to eat my breakfast. Enjoying these days as much as possible, because I have a feeling it will be like a light switch and I will be moaning about how cold I am...Right?

But back to breakfast...I LOVE breakfast! I love enjoying it after a busy early morning of work, clients, and my workout. When I get back to the house, I whip it up and make sure it is hearty, delicious, and packed with all the nutrients to keep me happy and healthy. And this week they were ALL out of bowls, hence the title. So let us take a look at my breakfasts during the week...

For those mornings when all I want is crunchy, hearty, and large clusters of granola, this breakfast gets satisfies all of those needs. Michele's Cherry Chocolate Granola is DELICIOUS! I could easily eat half the bag, so I measure a serving and then pick out all the large clusters to eat on the side. Granola clusters make me happy...It is the little things, friends. In this bowl I added:

Breakfast Bowls

Pumpkin pancake for the WIN! So simple and so easy and the perfect combo of nutrients to eat after a busy morning and a hard workout. This pancake keeps me full for hours and yes I eat my pancakes out of a bowl and with a spoon because I don't want to waste ANY of that nut butter.

  • Pumpkin Pancake
  • 1 diced apple;
  • HEAPING spoonful of peanut butter!
Breakfast Bowls

One of my FAVORITE things about being an entrepreneur is that I create my own hours. Yes, I start sending emails around 6:15 AM and I have a tendency to work on the weekends, but that is okay because I love what I do. And I love when a friend says it is time to go out for a boat ride because it is 70 degrees and feels like Summer. Pack up a big breakfast bowl and run out the door. I packed this container with: 

  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt;
  • 2 cups of larger than life green grapes;
  • 1/4 c unsalted almonds!
Breakfast Bowls

And there was the really ugly but delicious breakfast bowl! It is funny how some of the best and most satisfying meals can sometimes truly be the ugliest. This smoothie did not disappoint, but gosh it was really ugly looking. I am trying out Rootz Nutrition for the first time and I have to say that this Paleo Protein Superfood was pretty darn good. More information to come later on this. In this smoothie I added:

  • 1 scoop of Rootz Nutrition;
  • 1 apple (1/2 blended + 1/2 diced and put on top);
  • 1/2 tbs chia seeds;
  • HEAPING spoonful of peanut butter;
  • Lots of Simply Organic cinnamon!
Breakfast Bowls

I do not know about y'all, but I have been eating a LOT of apples lately! They are so good and go with everything and pair really well with peanut butter...Obviously! I have been eating 3-4 per week. Tis the season! I make protein pancakes a lot (because they are super easy) but will usually switch up the fruit to whatever I am craving or have in the fridge. In this bowl I whipped up:

  • 1x egg + 1 scoop Rootz Nutrition  + baking powder;
  • 1x diced apple;
  • HEAPING spoonful of peanut butter!
Breakfast Bowls

What is your favorite breakfast bowl these days?

What Fall fruit can you not get enough of?


I LOVE food! I LOVE to talk about food! I really LOVE to eat food! I can put it back like a champ! But, like most women in today's society, I have had my own battles with food and some days still do. A woman's relationship with food is complicated, as we are emotional beings, and we are freaking hard on ourselves. We are all different, with different needs, and different goals when it comes to health and fitness, so figuring out what works with us for food is hard. Food can be complicated and frustrating! 

I had a slip up this past weekend! I had one of those nights after being out with friends, that the chips, cheese, and ice cream did not stand a chance. I woke up the next day and felt like garbage. Well of course I did...who the hell eats that much like that? In the past, I would beat myself up about this. I would restrict what I ate through the week. I would bust my ass at the gym to forget about what happened. But honestly...that kind of mind frame SUCKS! Here is how I approached this moment instead:

  • SHIT happens...It is called life and we all make mistakes! Recognize it...Own It...Learn from it;
  • I took the day off from training and enjoyed the rainy day and was uber productive;
  • I talked about it...Wrote about it in my journal...And just let it be...It is what it is;
  • I recognized why it happened...boys + emotions + not eating enough = recipe for disaster;
  • MOVE FORWARD and have a good week of workouts and foods that make me feel GOOD!

Banana Peach Protein Nut Butter Green Smoothie

Food Is GOOD

Greek Yogurt With Nut Butter And Cherry Chocolate Granola

Honey Crisp Apple With Nut Butter

Food Is GOOD

Open Faced Chicken Breast Sandwich With Cole Slow And Tomatoes

Food Is GOOD

Roast Sweet Potato With Chickpea Salad With Mixed Greens And Avocado

Food Is GOOD

TACOS TACOS and MORE TACOS (I had 2x plates of this...YES)

Food Is GOOD

It is not easy to open up about these sort of topics, but I know I am not alone! I am not ashamed of my stories. These experiences are part of who I am. It is part of my journey. It is part of me healing. And the best part of sharing is knowing that I am only getting better, smarter, stronger, and more beautiful inside and out. 

It was so wonderful this week to have read the below blogs to remind me to not be so hard on myself. To enjoy life and FOOD more often! To just inspire me! Again, friends, this is a place for us to be REAL...to share our stories...and most importantly to SUPPORT each other. This is a beautiful and safe community! ENJOY!

Have a beautiful weekend friends! XOXO

Thursday Thoughts

Time is FLYING...POOF just like that May is already coming to an end and I cannot believe how quickly the days, weeks, and months disappear 30 miles out at sea! No matter how early I start my morning, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I have been busy and learning to manage my time better...stop working at a certain time...and really just doing "what I can when I can". For example, I always have good intentions of putting together 2 blog posts per week, but something comes up and I realize I just can't do it. There is not enough quality time to put together a quality piece...so why force it! Plus, when you are managing 4 social media accounts, clients, and blogging, it leaves little time to have FUN...and this woman needs to have FUN, so I am working on doing just that! 

Thursday Thoughts

My workouts have been STRONG...I am back in the gym and back to strength training and it feels good and I feel strong! Lately, I have been doing 60-minute workouts that entail cycling or running and then focusing on a specific muscle group. Right now I am doing higher repetitions, lower weights, and lots of CORE work! I also like to take a late afternoon break and disconnect with Lucy. We will walk the streets and just be! Sometimes they are quick...sometimes long...We just go with it and look at all the pretty houses and just soak it all in...Beautiful island life! 

Michele's Granola is DELICIOUS...Yesterday's weather was AMAZING and I am a happy camper that I can now spend more time outside on the porch working, eating, and let Little Lucy run crazy! She is very very very happy. But this granola...OMG! The clusters, the crunch, the flavor...DELISH! I put some into an almost empty Crunchy Peanut Butter Woodstock-Foods jar + a sliced banana + some blueberries and it was ridiculously good. I have been craving bananas this week. Before slicing them, I actually like to put them in the fridge for a good 30 minutes so that they are cold when eaten. And I definitely searched the bag for the large clusters and had some on the side as well.

Slow Cooked Costco Ribs are ALWAYS a good idea...I love making these Costco ribs!!! They are so delicious, fatty, and some seriously delicious comfort food. I bake it in the oven at 250 degrees covered for 5 hours. The last 15 minutes, I uncover them and bake at 400 degrees to get them crispy! This time around I paired it with roasted cauliflower, which was seasoned with Simply Organic seasonings, and cole slow. Oh and don't forget the hot sauce! 

Thursday Thoughts

 Currently Obsessed With The TV Show The Night Manager...It is a great mini-series and the main character is HOT...This show is AMAZING and Tom Hiddleston is just dreamy! I stumbled upon this show on a lazy Sunday and was immediately hooked. It is mysterious, scandalous, and sit on the edge of your seat captivating. The last episode was last night and I cannot wait to watch it later this weekend. And it definitely helps that Tom has an accent, great fashion, body, looks, and charisma. Swooning..... 

Thursday Thoughts

That kind of wrap things up before the holiday weekend! I have a lot of post ideas that I want to share next month, but like I said, I just need the time to put them together. Be on the lookout for some workouts, recipes, and what my single life is like on Nantucket...That should definitely be a good one! Until then...Have a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend and see you next week! XOXO

What is your favorite show as of lately?

Granola or cereal?