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Almost every night, I curl up in bed and flip the pages old school style through my book of choice! I find reading every night to be relaxing, comforting, and the perfect way to unwind from a long day of staring at 3 different electronic devices. I like to get lost in my books and just breathe...Some nights I read a page and a half and then other nights it could be chapters...It is a ritual that I look forward to and thoroughly ENJOY!

I recently finished Sara DiVello's book: "Where in the OM am I?" Yes, I 100% recommend this book. Before we talk about the book, let us go back two years ago, when I first met Sara.  

Surprisingly we first met on Nantucket at the Nantucket Yoga Festival. This woman is FULL of energy...Always smiling...Powerful...Inspirational...And had me laughing out loud not only in person, but when I was reading the book. If you live in Boston, I highly recommend you look her up...She is always running around teaching, speaking, and spreading good vibes in the community. She is FULL OF LIFE! 

Sara and I have very similar backgrounds, so it was very easy for me to relate to her story. There were so many times that I was laughing out loud and would find myself texting Sara saying..."OMG YES!!! That totally happened to me when I worked in the corporate world... Or I remember that from my yoga teacher training!" We both worked in corporate...Left corporate...Went through yoga teacher training...And now we are following our passions and now we are both a heck of a lot happier!

What I love so much about this book is that it is REAL...laugh out loud...honest...and no filter as to what it is like to work in corporate...what it is like to go through yoga teacher training and work in the yoga world...what it is like to be scared and to be unsure about what the heck you are supposed to do with your life, when you feel lost!

Sara captures the emotion and the logistics perfectly as to what it is like when you decide to make a drastic career change. It freaking takes TIME! It takes time to think and to plan. It takes time to let it sink in. Yes, there are tears, frustration, anger, but also freedom and happiness. Because you have a choice! You are in charge of your own destiny. You have the power to make a choice as to where you want to be and what you want to do. I LOVE Sara for making that choice and sharing her journey. I hope you will pick up a copy and read this great book! 

And if you are looking for some other great reads, here are a few others that I have read over the past couple of months that I definitely recommend: 

Recent Reads

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30 Day Trial With Farm To Gold Mouthwash

I love coffee and I drink a lot of it! I like the process of making it every morning...I like the taste of it...and I like that jolt of energy that it gives me. I will never give up my cup of Joe. The downside though of drinking a lot of coffee is that it has started to stain my teeth, which is a major buzz kill. I had one of those moments after I brushed my teeth one night and looked in the mirror after flossing and was like WHOA how did that happen? I do not like white strips as they make my teeth feel very weak. And I definitely do not want to splurge on teeth whitening right now, so ENTER Farm To Gold Mouthwash!

I first met Kim and Lynn at the 2015 Nantucket Yoga Festival. They were one of the vendors present and I was intrigued by this stuff called ghee. What exactly is ghee anyway?

"Ghee is a healthy fat made from grass fed butter and is used in both cooking and in health maintenance. We make ghee by cooking the butter using traditional Ayurvedic practices, removing all of the milk solids, water, and impurities. What's left is a dairy-free, lactose-free, casein-free, and shelf-stable cooking oil that becomes solid at room temperature. From a cooking perspective, ghee is incredible to cook with!" - Farm To Gold


Kim and Lynn were friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about their product. I have kept in touch with Lynn since then and I am SO HAPPY with all of their recent success. You can now buy them at Bartlett's Farm on Nantucket (because of their presence at the Nantucket Yoga Festival). So glad that they were able to make that connection! 

I know that I got a little sidetracked, but it is important that you know about the companies that I work with and why I support them and more importantly WHO THEY ARE!

Oil pulling is an Ancient Ayurvedic oral health technique said to strengthen and whiten teeth, fortify gums, treat halitosis, help prevent tooth decay, reduce plaque, and alleviate numerous other health conditions. Ayurveda suggests that oil pulling therapy thoroughly cleanses the teeth, gums, and tongue as well as detoxifies the entire system by removing unwanted bacteria and toxins. 

This all sounds good to me, so I was excited to do a 30-day trial and see if I noticed a difference. And honestly I have had a hard time sticking to something for 30 days consecutively, but I knew that I needed to do this. I was not happy with the appearance fo my teeth! Here is how it went:

  • Every morning I would wake up; swish the 1T of mouthwash for 15 minutes; rinse, and brush my teeth! It is recommended that you do this immediately upon waking and on an empty stomach. Totally doable!
  •  A tablespoon is a lot! Even after 30 days that first 15 seconds still felt awkward and a little icky, but eventually, I got used to it. I should have videotaped this ritual because it was kind of comical, but I do not like to share everything...LOL!
  • I found that this mouthwash was a lot easier to handle than coconut oil. It almost seemed a little bit more gentle and the smell not as intense. (I would also like to note that I used to use Listerine once a day, but I noticed that my teeth started to feel weak and I did not like the pigment it would turn my teeth. Those chemicals were pretty intense for my pearly whites!)
  • While swishing around the mouthwash, I would make my bed, prepare my breakfast and coffee, and even start doing some work on the computer. I was being uber productive and also like how I would like how I would drink a glass of water after, instead of going straight for the coffee!

After the 30 day trial, my teeth were definitely whiter and the stains had almost been cleared. The trial was a success and my teeth were much prettier, so I can share that wonderful grin with y'all. Thank you Farm To Gold for the great product and letting me share my experience with all of my readers! 

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*Disclaimer: I received the product in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.*

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