Some weeks I feel invincible, strong, fearless, and determined...Some weeks I feel like I just cannot stay afloat...Nothing seems to go as planned...I am exhausted...I am cranky...I am definitely not fun to be around. That was last week. It kicked my ass. I am the first to admit when I do not have my shit together. I acknowledge it. I have that moment. I pick myself back up. I lean on Shannon. I practice self-care and then I keep on trucking. 

My job is a roller coaster. Social Media is a BEAST and some weeks it can just wear me down. This is life. Life has speed bumps. And when we hit those speed bumps we have two choices. We either let the stress and negativity take over or we put on those "Positive Patty Pants" on and YES, we just keep trucking. As I get older and somewhat wiser and definitely a little more stubborn, I won't give in to the negativity. I have learned what works for me to get out of that place and back up on my feet. Because as I always say, when we look at the bigger picture...Life is really good. Here are a few of my "go-to's" for getting myself back up and moving forward - 

Take A Moment

SWEAT IT OUT - Whenever I feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, sad, or need to take some time away from work, relationships, and life, sweating it out is always my favorite way to get my shit back together and start fresh. And usually, that type of sweat session involves my yoga mat and showing up to Sarah’s “The WORKS” class.

This class challenges me physically and mentally. It pushes me...It inspires me...It helps me feel grounded and grateful. I went to 3 “The WORKS” classes last week 3 days in a row and it was exactly what I needed. I was sore as heck and really freaking tired, but I needed someone to tell me to do those dreaded Vinyasa burpees and squat jumps. I needed Sarah to push me. I needed that support system and it worked.

I love my yoga community and I cannot brag enough about Sarah and how she has helped me on and off the mat with my yoga practice, building my strength and endurance, but also being a friend. Yoga is not just about stretching, building strength, and sweating, as amazing as to how this makes me feel. It is also a  wonderful reminder that we have to love ourselves inside and out. That we all have moments, struggles, and breaking points. We just have to take some time to acknowledge this, but also remember to keep moving forward, because life is good and when you look around and remember what you have it is REALLY good.

NOURISH YOUR BODY - Feed your body what it wants and ENJOY it! When I am having one of those weeks, where I feel like I have no control over my workload and life, food USED to be that one thing where I felt like I did have some sort of control. This was not a good thing. Trust me, it is not healthy mentally, physically, and nutritionally. Controlling your food intake is exhausting and takes up a lot of energy. Energy that could be going to someplace else. Food control during stressful moments does not solve anything. It can actually make things worse. Honor your body. Give it what it needs. This moment and this week will pass, so nourish your body with the foods that it is craving and it will all balance out in the end.

Nourish Your Body

We have to remember that our bodies are always changing and craving different things each week. Some weeks I just want to eat BIG salad bowls and smoothies...Some weeks I just want waffles and thick slices of bacon and more bacon. You have to honor these cravings and give your body what it wants. How cool is it that this happens? Life would be so boring if we ate the same thing every day. There have been nights where I just wanted to eat ice cream and cookies. And guess what I ate just that and it tasted and felt awesome. I fulfilled that craving and then moved on. Yes, it has taken me time to figure this out, but I can honestly say that I am so much more aware of these moments and it feels good to not have to worry about controlling the food.  

Nourish Your Body

DISCONNECT - JUST DO EXACTLY THAT! Stop scrolling, liking, commenting, emailing, and even turn your phone on silent. It is an amazing feeling. This past weekend we went to the RBC Heritage Cup in Hilton Head and it was a huge relief that I had to keep my phone on silent. It felt AWESOME. I was more present with our friends, with Shannon, and soaked up that beautiful sunshine, food, cocktails, and the experience.

I needed the weekend to disconnect, because it is so easy to burnout, especially when you are managing multiple accounts, and always trying to stay on top of the comments, mentions, and tags. I was starting to go bat crazy. So I 100% needed to just take that time to breathe, recharge, press restart, and just live life. Thank goodness my friend took all of our pictures, because by the middle of the day I didn’t even bother checking my phone. WAHOO!!!


During the hustle and bustle of the work week, I obviously cannot disconnect like that, which is fine, as this is my job, my livelihood, and it is what pays the bills. To stay somewhat sane on a daily basis, I always take Lucy for our afternoon walk and leave my phone behind and I am “trying” to shut it ALL down around 9:00 PM. It is hard because I love what I do and I get excited to see the growth, the interaction, and the excitement for the brands I represent, but I always need to remember, SLOW DOWN and turn it off!

HAVE THAT FLIPPING MOMENT - We are all allowed to have “that moment”. Whether it is crying, screaming, or just being silent, give yourself permission to feel all the feels. It is okay to break down. It is called being human. Once you get all that crap out, put those “Positive Patty Pants” on and just keep on trucking.

What self-care tips do you practice when life is just a HOT MESS?

Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie

You are putting WHAT into your smoothie? YES friends I jumped on the bandwagon and have started adding this vegetable to my post workout smoothie and I like it a lot. I am getting the extra nutrients, it adds great texture, and it is a cheap ingredient. All positives, when it comes to creating a healthy, nourishing, and delicious smoothie. I started seeing this cauliflower smoothie craze mentioned by Instagram rock star Shut The Kale Up and an article written on Mind Body Green. I eat a lot of cauliflower in general because I like that it is one of those versatile vegetables that you can pretty much pair with anything and dress it up with anything. 

Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie

Let us talk about this smoothie! Nutiva recently sent me some packets of their Plant Protein Superfood 30 in chocolate and vanilla to sample. It is jam packed with:

  • 20g of protein
  • 4g of fiber
  • Rich in Vitamins C and A to support your body immune function
  • Vegan - Gluten Free - Non-GMO
  • 120 calories per packet

I am picky about my protein powders as so many brands now have a lot of added junk in it, that upsets my stomach, so I make sure to always check the ingredients. My symptoms to those junky ingredients are instant bloating, which we all know is annoyingly uncomfortable. I have already made a handful of smoothies and I have experienced no bloating. I feel great. Please note that these packets are definitely not on the sweeter side, so if you like your smoothies to be sweet, I recommend adding banana, mango, dates, etc. It all depends on what your taste buds like, but for me, I am okay with not so sweet. 


Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie


Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie
  1. Throw all ingredients into your blender. I use this Ninja Kitchen version;
  2. Blend away until smooth;
  3. Top with whatever your heart desires! ENJOY! 
Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie

Would you every try adding cauliflower into your smoothie?

What is the weirdest vegetable you have added to a smoothie?

A VERY Inspiring Young Woman - Meet Marissa

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a pretty amazing young woman through NuttZo! Another one of those times, when I LOVE the power of social media and who it connects you with. I knew after hearing her story and getting to know her, I wanted to share this young woman's journey with all of you. 

She is only 22...She has already battled cancer...She is strong, confident, inspiring, and mature beyond her years! She lives a healthy and active lifestyle that works for HER...makes her HAPPY...allows her to run far and strong! Did I mention she is only 22? Friends, I want to introduce you to Marissa. I hope that you will take the time today to get know her and her journey and be INSPIRED by this beautiful young woman! THANK YOU Marissa! XOXO

I am 22-year-old student who will soon graduate with a degree in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. I am very passionate about eating healthy, exercising, and doing what makes your heart happy. After I graduate college, I plan on working for a children's non-profit organization to help raise money and bring smiles to children with life-threatening illnesses. I was not sure what I wanted to do for a long time, but I finally decided after going on a journey I never expected to travel on. 

On May 24, 2012, at just 17 years-old, I was given news that would change my life forever. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer. The cancer was located in my lower right calf (a tumor the size of a tennis ball), as well as in my bone marrow. After undergoing 54 weeks of chemotherapy and six weeks of Proton Therapy Radiation, I was declared cancer-free on July 10, 2013. My battle with cancer was not something I would want anyone to go through, but in the end, I am very thankful for cancer, because of what it has done for my life. 

I was still considered a child when I was diagnosed. This meant I got treated at my local children's hospital. Even though I was considered a child, I was fairly old compared to all the other children. I embraced my age and used it as guidance for myself and for other patients. Cancer brings many hard days for people, but I tried to push away all of those days and turn them into better ones by remaining posititve and keeping a smile. I have shared my story at multiple fundraisers with 300+ people for our hospital and other local non-profits in the area. I became the patient ambassador for cancer patients to help them cope with this awful disease. I was able to share a story that many fear to share. I also loved being bald because it showed people I was not afraid. My journey battling cancer is what led me to my future career and showed me what real strength, dedication, motivation, and passion was. 

I am now 3 years cancer free and living life to the fullest, but doing it in a whole and healthy way. I was healthy before I had cancer. I played lacrosse, soccer, and swam for my high school, and I was a half marathon runner. After being diagnosed though, I decided to take healthy to a whole new level and that is why I am surviving! Since finishing treatment, I have continued to run half marathons, as well as full ones. Running is an activity that I thoroughly enjoy and I am grateful that my body has allowed me to continue to do what I love. Cancer has also led me to live a much healthier lifestyle than I did before. I focus on eating foods that are natural to our bodies. and stys away from the products that my body does not recognize. I have followed a Whole30 lifestyle since May of 2015, and I am so thankful for the changes I have made. 

Living a lifestyle like this is not easy, but once you see the amazing results that come with it, it becomes easy. For me, focusing on a healthy lifestyle has brought self-confidence that I never had. I am a much better runner because of the way I eat. I truly feel 100% better both mentally and physically. It takes a lot of work and dedication, but its well worth it in the end. 

I conquered cancer, so I knew it was time to conquer something else and for me, it was living a healthy lifestyle and making it a daily routine. 

You can follow Marissa's journey on the below links:

Thank you Marissa, for sharing your story and inspiring so many people on a daily basis! 

Why I Work With A Life Coach

I work with a Life Coach because I am worth the investment! 

Why I Work With A Life Coach

Almost one year ago, I made the decision to start working with a Life Coach and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. It is crazy to think about where I was then and to notice how far I have come. It has been a very inspiring journey. Like I have may have mentioned before, my last few months in Houston were not the prettiest of times for me. I was extremely lonely. I was frustrated and tired. I felt lost. I was not kind to myself. I was isolating myself from my friends. I was not on a healthy path and I knew something had to change. I will never forget that weekend I woke up with an incredible sense of clarity, after a peaceful night of sleep. Before heading to yoga, I had a long conversation with my Mom and opened up to her as to what was going on. I needed help. I needed guidance. I needed to make a change...and so began my journey with my Life Coach.  

What is a Life Coach? A life coach focuses on areas of relationships, life purpose and personal and professional growth. A life coach raises your self-worth and guides you to create balance, clarity, and success in your life. A life coach liberates you from your limitations and fears. 

What have I learned this past year?

  • Be Honest With Yourself and BELIEVE In Yourself: I have learned to come out in the open with my faults, but more importantly I have come out and talked about my STRENGTHS! We focus so much on the negative because it is easy. Speaking out loud about what I LOVE, what I am really freaking good at and LOVE doing; what I LOVE in a man, that I see myself that is hard some hard stuff. When you start focusing on all the GOOD stuff and believe that you are capable of all of that, things change. I have noticed I smile more. I sleep better. I respond to negative emails and people with kindness, instead of insecurity and aggression. And I believe that once I FULLY believe in myself, everything else is going to fall into place!
  • Learning To LOVE Yourself Inside and Out:  I am always telling clients, friends, and readers to love themselves. It comes naturally for me to give out good energy to inspire others to look and feel their best. I love being able to do that. But as soon as it involves loving ME, I am horrible at it. I am learning through writing, self-care, and daily mantras to nourish and love my beautiful mind and body. I am learning to do what works for me emotionally, physically, and nutritionally. 
  • Be Fearless With Your Dreams: I am working like a dog up here, but I love what I do. I love the companies I work for. I love the flexibility of my job. I love the people that I am meeting on this journey. Nothing is guaranteed in this industry. I do not have benefits. It is just me and sometimes that is scary as hell. I want and will grow more, make more, and inspire more. I am learning to trust that this is the right path for me and that the success will come. I just have to BELIEVE and be FEARLESS!
  • Live In The Moment: This is something that I am working VERY hard on! I have a tendency to focus too much on the future, instead of truly embracing the moment that I am living in. I worry about "stuff" a week, month, and year down the road and where I am supposed to be. This past weekend, I woke up on Sunday and something just clicked...Enough is enough...Too much energy is being wasted on the future...It is time to live in the NOW! 
Why I Work With  A Life Coach

"Now is the time for magic. Let the universe take your hand and show you things you've never seen before. Now, at last, you're open and vulnerable enough to begin. Celebrate the magic, the mystery of the unknown. Celebrate the miracles that will certainly come!" - Melody Beattie

Why I Work With A Life Coach

Working with a Life Coach is not easy work! It is a LOT of work...but I am worth it! And I know for me to truly love, believe, and succeed in life, I need to LOVE myself wholly. I definitely still hit a lot of speed bumps along the way, but my Life Coach has been there with me every step. I am grateful for her and how much she has helped me this past year. 

In the end, life is short and I want to be the best version of ME for ME, but to those around me. I am sending out a heck of a lot more good vibrations these days. Yes, it is being by the ocean...Being happy where I live...And surrounding myself with good friends...But it is also that I recognized that I needed help and I am helping myself! Be selfish when it comes to you...You are ALWAYS worth the investment! XOXO