Online Shopping with Swanson Vitamins

It has been four weeks since I landed in Charleston and I am happy to report that things are going well. I sometimes need to pinch myself and make sure that this is really happening. I guess for a while, I just wasn't happy with myself, my direction, and where I was living. And lately, it just feels like it has all come together...FINALLY! No one said this journey through life was easy, but you know what is easy...ONLINE SHOPPING! 

I mentioned that I was going to be working with Swanson Vitamins on a regular basis and I am looking forward to this partnership. I have been working with them over the past few years and it has always been a positive experience. The website has a HUGE selection. The prices are hard to beat. The shipping arrives on time. And most importantly, the customer service is fast, professional, and friendly. So if you haven't checked them out yet, here is your chance to!

It was nice to move here and get my cabinets and fridge stocked with great quality products to help me stay healthy and fueled. And I cannot forget Lucy. I love that Swanson Vitamins sells lots of products for dogs too. I think next time I am going to get her some shampoo and new treats as well. On my recent online shopping experience, my goal was to get products that I could use for meal prep and pair with a lot of my dinners. I also wanted to get some healthy snacks and more FATS of course. 

What I purchased from Swanson Vitamins for under $100.00...

I actually have been adding coconut butter to my smoothies to switch things up. I also want to start smothering it on toast and protein pancakes too. 

And another snack option...These little bites are jam packed with lots of nutrients to help me power through an early morning workout or an afternoon slump. Pair them with some nuts, a piece of fruit, or dip it into a nut butter jar. ENJOY!

Now make sure to head on over to my Instagram page, for ONE lucky winner to win a $50.00 shopping spree with Swanson Vitamins. Good luck friends and happy Monday to YOU! 

Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie

You are putting WHAT into your smoothie? YES friends I jumped on the bandwagon and have started adding this vegetable to my post workout smoothie and I like it a lot. I am getting the extra nutrients, it adds great texture, and it is a cheap ingredient. All positives, when it comes to creating a healthy, nourishing, and delicious smoothie. I started seeing this cauliflower smoothie craze mentioned by Instagram rock star Shut The Kale Up and an article written on Mind Body Green. I eat a lot of cauliflower in general because I like that it is one of those versatile vegetables that you can pretty much pair with anything and dress it up with anything. 

Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie

Let us talk about this smoothie! Nutiva recently sent me some packets of their Plant Protein Superfood 30 in chocolate and vanilla to sample. It is jam packed with:

  • 20g of protein
  • 4g of fiber
  • Rich in Vitamins C and A to support your body immune function
  • Vegan - Gluten Free - Non-GMO
  • 120 calories per packet

I am picky about my protein powders as so many brands now have a lot of added junk in it, that upsets my stomach, so I make sure to always check the ingredients. My symptoms to those junky ingredients are instant bloating, which we all know is annoyingly uncomfortable. I have already made a handful of smoothies and I have experienced no bloating. I feel great. Please note that these packets are definitely not on the sweeter side, so if you like your smoothies to be sweet, I recommend adding banana, mango, dates, etc. It all depends on what your taste buds like, but for me, I am okay with not so sweet. 


Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie


Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie
  1. Throw all ingredients into your blender. I use this Ninja Kitchen version;
  2. Blend away until smooth;
  3. Top with whatever your heart desires! ENJOY! 
Chocolate Nutiva Cauliflower Smoothie

Would you every try adding cauliflower into your smoothie?

What is the weirdest vegetable you have added to a smoothie?