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Friday Feelings...

Happy Friday Friends! Are you ready for the weekend? Are you ready to disconnect? Well before you do that, grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's chat. It seems my schedule these days isn't allowing me to post as much as I want, but you know is okay. It is about quality and not quantity. It is about writing when it feels right. It is about writing what inspires you and what you are passionate about. I do not want this space to feel forced. It is a space to be real. What you see is what you get...So let's chat...XOXO

Time is FLYING...Literally, no matter how early I wake up, the days in Charleston just disappear. Sometimes I want it to slow down, especially on the weekends, when I am finally making time to disconnect (it feels amazing). I love it here. I am glowing. I am working my butt off. I am being social and getting out and exploring. It feels right. It has been over a month and my feelings still have not changed, which feels good. I can be so superstitious, so I am hoping I am not jinxing myself...DOH!

Be YOU... there is truly nothing more beautiful than a woman who is HERSELF! She is comfortable in her own her own everything that she does. When you do YOU, you glow inside and out and the energy is contagious. It makes me happy to see so many bloggers, friends, and STRONG women speaking up these days and inspiring others to throw the stupid dieting rules out the window and just DO YOU! Do what makes YOU happy...Do workouts that make YOU feel strong and beautiful...Do eat foods that YOU love and not what society is telling you to eat. Love the hell out of yourself and live YOUR life!

My favorite read this week showcased just that.  Root for Food's most recent post about her journey was so INSPIRING, beautiful, encouraging, and honest! I think it is safe to say that she is a mermaid goddess! 

Root for Food

Back on the MAT...I have found my yoga home at Charleston Power Yoga and I am grateful for this space and grateful to be back on the mat. Yoga is my therapy. It is my time to work on my breath, my balance, my strength, and most importantly ME. The studio is a mile away from my apartments. It is a small space. It gets hot as hell in there, which I LOVE! And the teachers are badass, beautiful woman. I hope to introduce y'all to them soon. I am back into my yoga groove and my hips and hamstrings could not be happier! 

Charleston Power Yoga

Recent EATS...It is already really hot down here, so I have been eating a lot of protein packed smoothies and breakfast bowls and for lunches and dinners lots of salads, tuna fish, tempeh, and STEAK. What that craving comes in strong, I feed my belly a steak! The BEST! 

Protein Packed Breakfast Bowls
Protein Packed Breakfast Bowls
Steak Dinner

Girl CRUSH...Need some inspiration, well I have got you covered. I FINALLY met Kindal in person when I moved here and well let me just say, she is one STRONG woman both inside and out. Every time I meet up with her for a workout, run, or food, I am blown away by her beauty, strength, and work ethic. Girl crush ALERT! She is probably one of the only women who I know who can kick my ass. I get nervous driving to her gym to workout. She puts me to shame! So not only is she a girl crush but she is inspiring me to train harder. I cannot wait to start doing more of her workouts with her. BRING IT ON! 

NuttZo NEWS...To ALL my friends who LOVE NuttZo just as much as I do...I have HUGE news! You #NuttZoFANATICS can now buy your #NuttZo2GO packets on AMAZON! This is HUGE and we are so excited to be partnering up with Amazon to help all of you make your shopping for #NuttZo easier! Stay tuned for sales and when all of our products will be available. In the meantime, go SHOP our #7nutsandseedbutter NOW for all your summer adventures!!!

NuttZo in the NEWS

Tell me something AWESOME that you are feeling this week!!! Only positive energy today! XOXO

Root For FOOD - Guest Post

This week it is ALL about the food! I LOVE to talk about food...I LOVE to eat food...I LOVE to try new foods...and I LOVE how food fuels my lifestyle and allows me to do things that I LOVE to do on a daily basis. I know you all probably know this, but if you don't, I am a FOODIE! Just like so many other women in today's society, I too have struggled with food. When you are constantly bombarded with images of what you should look like and articles telling you what you should and shouldn't eat, it can become overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. But once you are able to find that "happy space" to say screw you and do and eat what makes YOU happy, life changes! 

When I first connected with Meg a few months ago, I knew that I wanted her to contribute to this space. Meg is an RD that also calls herself a "Food NERD that plays with plants!" She is also a taco guru, music lover, and obviously a FOODIE! Her story, her passion, and her outlook on food and life is inspirational and I hope you will head over to her blog Root For Food to learn more about her and follow her journey. In the meantime, THANK YOU Meg! XOXO

Freedom In Food

Root For Food

The other day at a restaurant, I observed a woman carefully measure out every single item she ordered to ensure it was exactly catered to fit her meal plan. When it didn’t measure up she ordered more food. She took away food. She brought out her own food from her purse. At last, she even squeezed some lemon juice on top to make it fit the EXACT measurement. It blew my mind. One of her friends said, “You shouldn’t have to measure food like that for the rest of your life… that’s a little obsessive. What kind of life is that?” (YES. Yes for friends who are willing and able to speak truth into other friend’s lives. What a true friend.)

Honestly, when you see things like this, it is hard not to judge. It is hard not to roll your eyes and shake your head, thinking, “she has gone off the deep end. “ And yes, maybe she has, but haven’t we all in one way or another?

I think many of us struggle with this kind of manipulation- this kind of warped perfection of healthy. Thinking that we need a carefully outlined guide or road map to health or fitness or weight loss or whatever your “goals” may be. I believe it all manifests itself in many different ways. Hers happens to be in a very visual one for all to see.

For you it may be a working out, it may be counting macros, it may be restriction, it may be juice diets, it may be with body bands or even bulimia or laxatives. Or maybe just stressing about food in general.

But I believe all of these stem from the same foundation of fear and self- un-acceptance. They stem from a place of not feeling adequate enough and finding a high and some sort of comfort in these variables that we can control and manipulate. It stems from of a place of “I’m not good enough… so this will get me good enough.”

This was me. 100% this was me. I wasn’t measuring out my food but I did count calories, severely restrict, and exercise myself to death for YEARS. All in an attempt to make my body submit to my wishes and take on the form I was convinced would make me beautiful and desirable. I was ashamed of myself and felt self- manipulation was the only option. And I am not the exception in this kind of toxic behavior or mindset.

Root For Food

There is one BIG problem with this mindset: It is working AGAINST our bodies instead of WITH our bodies. It is saying I don’t like you the way you are so I am going to take the reigns and make you how I want you. It is saying — you don’t know what you need for nourishment, so I am going to ignore you and apply calculations and formulas. It is removing natural intuition and mindfulness from our bodies and applying science and even aggression. It is saying— you don’t know how to burn off calories fast enough or work efficiently enough so I am going to exercise vigorously. It is saying I don’t like how much you weigh so I am going to provide you less fuel. It is ignoring craving and dismissing them as misbehavior.  

Root For Food

Wow!!! We live in a society that often promotes punishing our bodies into submission… versus loving our bodies into wholeness. I say wholeness because I think it best describes a beautiful mindset. One that says, body, I love you and want to work WITH you. I want to listen to you and treat you with care and love. It is a mutual respect for your soul and your body have towards one another- I love you, you love me, so let us pursue wholeness and wellness together. It is coming to that place of self-care and self-love that brings unity and peace to your spirit and your body. It is owning your body exactly how it is. Owning YOU exactly how you are. It is eating with the mindset of NOURISHMENT, not of calories or fat or carbohydrates. It is working out with the mindset of STRENGTH and HEALTH verses calorie burning. It is living life with an inner mindset, remembering your body and physical appearance is a part of you that needs to be loved and nurtured.  How much more valuable is a beautiful spirit, a happy sprit and a life well lived? One that is free of guilt and anxiety. Can you imagine?

Root For Food

If you are not in this place, I challenge you to begin to adopt this new state of body and mind. To blossom into unity with your body.  See it as a friend to grow with verses something that needs to be subdued into obedience and disciplined to reach your “goals”. To be completely honest, I still struggle with remaining in this positive place. To be honest, every day is a new challenge. Some days are better than others. But acceptance and self-love is the first step. As corny and cliché as that sounds…. it is true. Honestly, if you don’t START your journey with LOVING yourself and accepting your body the way it is nothing- no diet or disciple is ever going to get you to the point of contentment or happiness.

Root For Food

All of this being said, I do think it is healthy to have an understanding of the amount of calories and macronutrients you need daily. But when it becomes dogmatic and religious and creates a point of potential guilt around food, I believe this is when we have strayed from what our bodies are designed to do. I believe there is a substantial difference between awareness, and actual counting- as counting often eliminates a lot of the flexibility and grace your body desires. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot fit into a box and nutrition cannot fit into a formula. It all boils down to having an understanding of basic nutrition and letting your body do the rest. HOWEVER, many of us have turned off those signals. We have gone so far down the rabbit hole that our bodies don’t know how to communicate and we don’t know how to listen. Thus, there are some exceptions here and times when I do believe it is appropriate to follow a strict meal plan. This allows you to retrain your body to recognize proper nutrition and crave it when you are lacking and not when it is satisfied. This type of re-wiring can eliminate restriction, binging, and everything in between. Trust me, I’ve been there. We’re all in this together!

Root For Food

If you have any more questions regarding this, feel free to contact me. Of course, all of this is my humble opinion. I believe our bodies are incredibly perceptive and are capable of communicating their desires if we would only rekindle that beautiful relationship. I believe this is true freedom in food. 

LOVE your body! LOVE yourself! And LOVE the foods that make you happy!