The Nantucket Project

Thinking Out LOUD...

And POOF the month of September has disappeared! My brain is fried after a busy week of work meetings, social media planning, and just getting all my ducks in order, because life is not slowing down and neither is business. All good stuff! So let us jump right into it...shall we? Here is what has been happening lately on Nantucket. ENJOY! 

I Am Back On Bumble...

I have a love/hate relationship with online dating apps. I download them. I delete them. I download again. I delete again. Dating is frustrating (DUH!) and honestly, there are a lot of weird people out there (shirtless selfies in the bathroom are a big NO). But sometimes, we just have to give it a chance and put ourselves out there. Which leads me to the fact that I am finally ready to share my "Oh So Single Life" story with y'all. It is time to talk about my past relationships and let that shit go! I am going to work on it this weekend as it is the perfect time to hunker down on Nantucket because it is going to RAIN ALL WEEKEND! 

An Unexpected Experience...

How cool is it when you show up to something with no expectations and then leave the situation completely giddy, inspired, and motivated! Yes, this could apply to a lot of different scenarios in life, but last Friday at The Nantucket Project, those 90 minutes made me feel just that!

For the past couple of weeks, a few of my friends had been telling me that I need to apply to this event, as they were giving out free tickets to islanders, who completed their application. I had no clue what it was about; I honestly had never heard of it before, but I figured why not just say YES! I am so happy that I went. The event was held outside under a tent. I was able to spend those 90 minutes soaking up the last hot day of the season, while soaking up the island breeze and being educated and inspired by some very talented entrepreneurs. Yes...Nantucket is magical like that!

Simple and EFFECTIVE Strength Training...

My workouts the past couple of weeks have just been SIMPLE! I am training 5-6 times a week. This includes 2 days of cardio + 3 days of cardio/strength + 1 day of long and relaxing walks with Lucy + 1 FULL day off. Right now this schedule works for me and it feels good. 

My cardio includes the treadmill, the bike, and the Step Mill. My strength training is just simple! I am sticking to the basics and sometimes the old school moves too (like the one above). I like my strength training workouts to be quick and efficient while making sure to strengthen my core and major muscle groups. These workouts make me feel my best at this time! How I feel next month could be totally different and I am okay with that!

It's Time To TRAVEL...

Do you know that I have not been off the island since April??? OH MY GOD, I am getting stir crazy and I am ready to get onto the mainland! I need a break. I need to breathe. I just need to get away. And once October hits, I have a lot of travel plans that I am very excited about, which reminds me I need to book my ferry reservation for Thanksgiving!!!

My first adventure is in a couple of weeks to attend and represent NuttZo in NYC at the WELL Summit! I am really looking forward to being in the city and feeling a different kind of energy. I am looking forward to again being inspired and motivated. And most importantly I am looking forward to making NEW connections with many influencers who I only know through their posts on social media. It is going to be fun and exciting!

I LOVE Leftovers...

I don't understand how people do not enjoy eating leftovers...

  1. It usually takes 5 minutes to prepare the meal;
  2. There is no clean up;
  3. It requires no thinking or planning;
  4. The food actually tastes better, because you have let all those amazing flavors soak! 

Sometimes I can go a few days of just eating random "kitchen sink" dinners and I LOVE IT! This leftover steak salad hit the spot as did those leftover fish tacos...Totally WINNING this week!

I LOVE leftovers!
I LOVE Leftovers

When was the last time you went to an event that INSPIRED YOU?

Leftovers...YES or NO?