The Week In Review...

Oh heck yeah, we are in Mercury Retrograde and things are about to crazy! Whether you believe in it or not, it is a very interesting thing that happens 3 times a year, lasts about 3 weeks, and it can definitely cause things to be a little kookie! You can read more about it here. This Mercury Retrograde for me personally is to focus on detoxifying...And this includes emotionally, physically, and mentally and I am ready to do ALL of that. I am going to get rid of drama...And figure out what areas of my life need a cleanse. I find all of this fascinating and the next couple of weeks could get interesting, so stay tuned. In the meantime...this is what happened THIS past week!

Workout Update: 

  • Make sure to check out my latest Core Power post HERE! I absolutely LOVE the stability ball. It is affordable...You can use it anywhere...It can improve your core, balance, posture, and strength...And you can seriously get a great workout, by using this handy-dandy piece of equipment. 
  • Personally, I am just flat out bored with my workouts. My mind and body are tired and they are tired of being in the gym...BLECH! I have hit a plateau, so it is time for a change. What that change is, I am not sure, but I know my body will tell me. I need to feel motivated and excited to workout again, so guess what's happening next week...REST! It is time for some walks outside with Lucy.
  • I started my "self-care" regimen on the start of Mercury Retrograde at Dharm Yoga Nantucket. This is my studio and my second home to practice, nourish, stretch, and love my body. The studio is above Bartlett's Farm and has such a calming energy and gorgeous views. Very grateful that I can practice here. 

Blog Posts Worth Reading: 

What I Have Been Craving:

I have been devouring lots of berries, apples, avocados, Perfect Bar's, and the consumption of my peanut butter is through the roof. (I finish those raspberry and blackberry cartons in a sitting). I also was all about cleaning out the fridge this week, so dinners were thrown into a bowl with lots of hot sauce. Simple, easy, and nutritious...I was not in the mood to make elaborate eats. 

Quinoa Veggie Bowl

Quinoa Veggie Bowl

Savory Coach's Oats with Salmon and Veggies

Savory Coach's Oats with Salmon and Veggies

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me share photos of my favorite #snackATTACK bar called Perfect Bar! These bars are not only DELISH, healthy, nourishing, and the perfect on the go snack, but I have really enjoyed working with the company, and always appreciate them fueling my lifestyle! 

Some AWESOME facts about these bars:

  • NON-GMO;
  • Contains complex carbohydrates with nature's purest energy;
  • FAT and it is not the bad kind...It is the good fat that your body uses for cell repair and recovery;
  • 20+ Organic Super Foods!!!
  • Always gluten-free!

I am having a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account starting Friday morning and it will go through the weekend, for your chance to win a box of all seven flavors of Perfect Bar! My favorites are of course Peanut Butter and Almond Coconut! So head on over and ENTER! 

Have a beautiful weekend friends and I will see you next week! XOXO

What food are you currently craving?

What flavor of Perfect Bar do you LOVE?