OH HEYYYYY!!! I disappeared for a little bit, because well LIFE has been happening. Work has been insanely busy...We’ve been doing a lot of house stuff...I finally left the state of South Carolina...And my Mom actually came into town for a quick weekend. Plus it is SUMMER, so we should be busy and be outside and soaking up that sunshine and going on adventures. And honestly, blogging, just hasn’t been a top priority for me lately. If I am not feeling inspired or have anything to write in this space, I just don’t do it. No need for bull shit or to force something that isn’t REAL. I definitely get frustrated, when I don’t stick to my blogging schedule and I promise to write about ALL these topics, but then LIFE HAPPENS and I just can’t do it. There are other things that have to come first.

I don’t know why I have to explain myself, but I do, because I appreciate all of YOU who support me and read my posts, whenever the hell I am able to post. So now that I am done blabbing and I have had my “Thinking Out Loud” moment, why don’t we keep chatting...Okay? Great...Let’s do this…

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Wisconsin for a 4-day trip and we are heading back again on Friday. I had not been on a plane or a vacation in MONTHS. I was so so so READY for this. I felt like I was living Groundhog Day here in Charleston. It was the same thing every single flipping day. I was stuck in my routine. I was antsy. I was burnt out with work and training. It was time to escape. This was also the first trip that I was going on where I was going to have limited phone and Internet service...My first reaction was WTF...My second reaction was HALLELUJAH!!!


The weekend was AMAZING! We went to lots of parties. We ate all the food. We drank all the booze. We just lived in the moment and it was relaxing, refreshing, fun, and yes I was pretty exhausted by the end. I only posted a few times to Instagram stories and then by the last two days, I just stopped. I was able to text here and there, but mainly went off the grid. And the only time I opened my laptop was early Monday morning when we were leaving Wisconsin. I also “thought” I was going to take a full 4 days off from working out, but I didn’t. I did two 6 mile runs and one long walk. Why didn’t I take a break? I don’t know...I love to move my body...I am a better person when I sweat...And when I travel, I like to explore. Plus, the weather was amazing and when you are able to run on country roads surrounded by corn fields, with no music and no distractions...it was therapeutic. And after eating and drinking the food and booze, it felt good to sweat it out.


But let’s talk about DISCONNECTING for a hot minute...It was a lot harder than I thought! I love what I do and I do work 7 days a week. When I am home, on the weekends, I don’t work a full day, but I will typically work 2 - 3 hours total in the mornings and evenings, or whenever I get the urge to create and schedule posts. I like to be organized and have a clean inbox and schedule things, because, in the social media world, organization is KEY. At first, when I had no service I rejoiced...but by the end of the trip when I opened all my emails...FULL PANIC. The week after we got back I was playing catch up the whole entire week. I didn’t like that feeling.

As I prepare for another weekend away, I have already tried coming up with a plan of attack, so I don’t feel like I am drowning when I come back home on Tuesday. The goal is to go off the grid on Friday and Saturday and then reconnect on Sunday and Monday. I can spend hopefully at least two hours here and there to respond to emails; place orders; and take care of any fire drills. We’ll see if this actually happens, but for now, I have a plan. I know I sound like a control freak, but this is my business. 


Do I wish I could fully go off the grid? HELL YEAH! But it just isn't in my nature...I like to work...I love my clients...My clients help me pay the bills. Since I control my schedule, I know that I have to set limits on how much I work, because just like everything else in life, it will lead to burn out and affect your life and lifestyle and relationships. I am also learning to let go of my control tendencies...Now that is definitely a work in progress...LOL!

Am I looking forward to going off the grid again? HELL YEAH! These quick weekend summer giveaways are so good for me, my body, my mind, and most importantly my relationship with Shannon. We both work so hard day in and day out and disconnecting is the best way for me to be present with him and us with each other. It is sad that our lives revolve around our phones and social media, but it is what is. Social Media is a business and it is my livelihood, so I just have to learn what works best for me, my life, my relationships, so that I can strive in BOTH. I am constantly learning, growing, and living and grateful for every moment of it. 

See y'all next week! 

Are you able to disconnect on a regular basis?

What's your longest "off the grid" moment?


When I made the decision to get my shit together and take this leap of faith to rebrand myself, I knew that I had to step away from social media! To be 100% honest with y’all, this really involved me stepping away from Instagram, for almost TWO months. This would involve NO liking...NO commenting...NO posting...NO checking. I continued to tweet, pin, and share posts on Facebook, but as the time got closer to the launching of the NEW site, I went 100% dark and it was just what I needed. Like everyone else who takes this time away from social media, it is definitely worth it and recommended.


As I begin to move into this next chapter of my career, I knew that I really wanted to put all of my attention to my Instagram feed and to my writing. So in order to do that, I needed to take a BIG step away from my account. The timing was perfect as I was feeling BLEH...I was running out of photographs that made me 100% happy...I was tired of scrolling, engaging, and I felt like I had hit a big ass plateau. My creative juices were depleted. I needed a break.

My initial thoughts when I talked to Shelby about closing it down for those two months made me nervous. What was I going to do instead of creating posts? How many people were going to unfollow me? Would this hurt my brand? Looking at the bigger picture, these were some petty thoughts, because there is another LIFE outside of social media. And as cheesy as it sounds, I needed to focus more of my attention on my real life issues.

The day I posted the announcement that I was taking some time away, I felt relieved. I felt excited. It was just time and I enjoyed every second. Did I lose a ton of followers? HECK YEAH! Did I care about losing those followers? HELL NO! Okay...maybe I cared a little bit the first few days, but then I forgot about it. Like I said, there were other things that I need to work on, so having those extra hours were a blessing in disguise. Yes, there were moments, when I wanted to check, engage, like, and browse around, but I didn’t.

The time away allowed me to fully give Shelby and myself the attention that I needed to create the new brand. I was able to write, write, and do more writing. I had time to work on myself and my relationships. I made myself tackle those tasks that I had been ignoring forever. And I was able to come up with my plan for the new Instagram account, which was just what I needed.

With life, fitness, work, and social media, we all need a BREAK! Whether it is a big one or a little one, taking the time away is good for the soul.


“To find peace, you have to be willing to lose your connection with the people, places, and things that create all the noise” - Unknown

Do you take time away from social media?


Last week sucked a lot of energy out of me! It was both emotionally and physically draining, so making the decision to get off the island and disconnect was EXACTLY what I needed. I was a zombie on Friday and I looked like one. You know those days when you look in the mirror and say to yourself, damn I look tired. Not a pretty site, so it was time to leave my 3 iPads and laptop home...It was time to not post anything all weekend...It was time to rest...It was definitely time to sleep, eat, and spend some good quality time with my great friend...It was time to just BE!

West Dennis

As soon as I got on the boat on Friday afternoon, I had already felt a sense of relief. Like I have said many times before, I LOVE what I do, but social media is definitely exhausting and non-stop. If you do not give yourself a break, you WILL burn out. I can safely say that I was pretty close to a burnout. So, I think I will pat myself on the back as I am doing a good job of following my "Wellness Tips For October". Go ME!

I was ready and excited to spend 2 days on the Cape with my girlfriend for some R&R. The only requirements I had was that we get manicures/pedicures; have a picnic on the beach; eat, drink, sleep, and just enjoy some relaxation. Katie had had a similar week to mine, so we both were ready to just chill. We did a pretty good job at accomplishing all of the above...WINNING!

West Dennis

The weather was perfect and the weekend was beautiful! These warm October days are my favorite and I am trying to spend as much time outside before Winter arrives. We spent almost 8 hours at the beach with a delicious spread of snacks, champagne, blankets, and good conversation. We just relaxed and talked about everything under the sun, while soaking up the sun. Effortless conversations with good friends are the best!

West Dennis

We had all the intentions of going out on the town and dressing up, but after watching the sunset we said screw it. We were comfy. We had full bellies of food and bubbles and we were tired. So just sitting in the kitchen in comfy clothes, while listening to country music and yes still snacking away, in the end, was more fun. OMG am I getting old? Am I "adulting"? This weekend was definitely not like the last time we had a girls weekend, but in the end, I think it was both what we needed. I slept past 8:00 AM...WHO AM I? This coming from the person who wakes up at 6:00 AM every day during the week. 

West Dennis

It went by way too fast. I wish Katie lived closer as she is the BEST and she has always been such a loyal, supportive, inspiring, and true friend. We have been through a lot together. We have shared our ups and downs. We are strong, independent, hard working, and fabulous women. And I always know she will be there for me and just give me the honest godforsaken truth about it all. That is why I love her and respect her and I am so glad that I got my shit together to make this quick weekend getaway to see her. 

West Dennis

"Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean...But the true ones stick, like an octopus on your face!" Thank you, Katie, for just being YOU and for showing me an AWESOME girls weekend! With that being said friends, I hope that you take the time to disconnect. Take the time to enjoy life. Take the time to be with your friends and family and really listen to them and be there for them. Life is short and when we spend so much time on our devices we truly forget how much there is to see and do and enjoy. So put it away for a day and look up! 

West Dennis

When was the last time you FULLY disconnected?