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It is time to head bACK to the island after a week of celebrating with family and friends. It was a week well spent. There was LOTS of food consumed...There was LOTS of time spent on the yoga mat...There was LOTS of time connecting with Mom, old friends, and new friends. But it is time to get bACK into my routine and set my intentions for 2017. My body and mind are ready for my routine and I am VERY READY for the new year! I am just READY for a clean slate and fresh start!

Jockey Hollow New Jersey

"INTENTION leads to BEHAVIORS which lead to HABITS which lead to PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT which leads to DESTINY"

I am not one to set "goals" for the New Year or at the beginning of a new month, but I do believe in setting intentions, which is one of the many things that I work with, with my Life Coach. My intentions have nothing to do with fitness and food. They dig deeper. They are not easy. They take patience, practice, and work. As you know, working on yourself is never an easy task. Admitting your faults is hard enough, but then taking the time to work on them is when the real work begins...


My 2017 Intentions
  • WIN AT LOVE personally and professionally - The past few months I have experienced a lot of bumps in the road, both personally and professionally. Nothing has come easy. It felt like everything was a struggle and required 100% effort, which in the end was leaving me exhausted, depleted, and slightly negative. 2017 is going to be about WINNING! Winning at love, relationships, business opportunities, health, and overall life. A little cheesy...YES...but for ME, this is the kind of attitude I need to make 2017 a WINNING year!
  • Travel MORE - I can easily become a hermit on Nantucket and get into a routine. This routine gets comfortable real fast and before I know it POOF time has slipped away. It is time to shake up the routine. It is time to explore. It is time to get out of my comfort zone. I am single. I am young. I have worked hard. It is time to book some trips and BE FREE!
  • Be FEARLESS - I am always talking about being "fearless" and it is a good reminder and intention for me as the new year approaches. I am a very sensitive person, which is one of my strengths but can also be one of my weaknesses. Sometimes I need to take a little bit of that emotion and sensitivity out of the picture and just GO FOR IT! This applies to all aspects of my life. 
  • Have more FUN - Do I need to say more??? I want to travel more...Go out more...Flirt more...Learn more...Build and dream MORE! I have to step out of my routine and live fully and let my full self shine. It is time to get out of my comfort zone and LIVE! It's time to go FUNNING!

It is not a big list and that is a good thing for ME! I believe it is important to keep things SIMPLE! These are intentions that I know I can work on daily. These are intentions that I can give 100% of my attention too. These are intentions that I KNOW I have to work on to be the best version of ME! 

Have a happy and healthy New Year friends and see you in 2017!

Tell me ONE of your favorite 2017 Intentions...


Watch out friends I am ENERGIZED and I am ready to rock n' roll! I am not sure if it is Mercury Retrograde, the Full Moon, the beautiful weather, but the ideas have been flowing. I have been writing them down in my journal, my planner, and on post-it notes, so I don't forget them. I am ready to share...inspire...and take my writing and my personal journey to the next level with all of you. So this is what you will start reading about moving forward:

Inspiring Women...I have met many beautiful, inspiring, and passionate women on social media and it is time that I share their stories with all of you! They are entrepreneurs, foodies, teachers, influencers, and friends. These are women whose stories have resonated with me on both a personal and professional level. They work hard. They are fearless. They #dreamBIG. Even though I have not met a lot of these women in person, I communicate with them on a weekly basis. They are my virtual support system. And I hope that you will find them as inspiring as I do!

My OH So Single Life...I am excited to start writing about being single and why I am single and what my dating past was like! Dating is FREAKING hard these days. It is frustrating, comical, and totally confusing. It is time to put the Carrie Bradshaw hat on and share my stories along with some of my girlfriend's stories because we can honestly not make some of this stuff up! Just like many other topics in my life, I am ready to share the good and the bad with you on my past relationships, because I KNOW that I am not the only one who has gone through them. This space is a place where we support each other. We inspire each other. We GROW together! 

Letting Go Of My Past..It feels good to let go of the past! This is a slow process for me, because as you know letting go of old stuff takes time and it is one of the reasons why I hired a Life Coach because I needed help. My past can hold me back, from truly being able to move forward with personal and professional  It is HARD as shit to let go! I am letting go of people, old habits, and rules that no longer serve me. I will not be taken advantage of. I will not be treated poorly or be used. I will not take on jobs that do not resonate with me. Do you know how amazing it feels to say these things out loud? AMAZING!

Letting Go Of My Past

Eye Opening Experiences...There were a few incidents this summer and even ones from years ago that were definitely a slap in the face for me. They are going to be hard for me to talk about, but that is okay because I have learned from them. They are only making me a better person, so even though they were hard to recognize and admit too, they are helping me grow! I want to share these, so others can learn and know that life is not perfect. We make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. We move FORWARD from them! 

Nantucket Island

How I am Working On Being The Best Version of ME...Working on yourself is also hard! No one said life was easy. I have acknowledged and said it out loud as to what I need to work on. I am owning my shit. I am reading. I am leaning on friends. I am talking to my Life Coach. I am doing all the right things and moving in the right direction to be the BEST version of ME so that I can help others and inspire others to find their true authentic self! 

Food...Because admit it, we all like to look at what other people are eating! As you know, I like food and I am really good at eating it! Food makes me happy. It keeps me fueled for my training and for my busy schedule. Food is fun and food is DELICIOUS! So food is going to be making a comeback because I like sharing and creating my creations with all you. 

Breakfast of Champions

What topic are you most excited to read about?

How are YOU currently feeling?

Give Yourself Permission

One of the reasons that I started working with a Life Coach is because I needed to give myself permission to break the RULES! Over the years, I have developed quite a lot of these "rules" and some of them serve a purpose and other times they have a tendency to restrict me and hold me back from reaching my full potential, both personally and professionally. Today I am going to talk about "giving yourself permission" personally. One of the things that my Life Coach is ALWAYS reminding me of is to HAVE FUN...ENJOY LIFE...BE FEARLESS! These are my goals for the Summer. To some of you, this may be easy and you already do it, but to others, like myself, it is hard to break the RULES that we have so stubbornly put into our powerful brains. 

Give Yourself Permission

Have you ever noticed how exhausting it can be to follow RULES all the time? It is time consuming, stressful, and wasted energy, that could be spent elsewhere. Nantucket is warming up and buzzing with lots of events, people, food, and good looking men, so it is time to throw my own personal rules right out that window and live this island life to the fullest!

Give yourself permission to...

Enjoy the freedom...

Like I said, the energy right now on the island is contagious. When it is warm and the sun is shining, I just want to be outside working, walking, and having fun! One of the rules that I put on myself was that I was only allowed to go out once a week to eat and drink...Seriously? What kind of freaking rule is that? Thanks to friends on the island who are social butterflies, they are always asking me to come out! I can still be a little stubborn, but I have changed. I am giving myself that freedom to ENJOY LIFE...I live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world and those kind of rules are just STUPID. So cheers to wine tastings, delicious food, spending time with great friends, and enjoying the freedom!

Be scared...

When I moved to Nantucket, I knew the island, but I only knew a handful of people. I was scared shitless. I had never lived on an island full time. I had no idea if this new career path was going to work. I was worried about being lonely. Oh that list went on and on and there were so many "ifs", but I knew in my heart that this was the right move no matter how scared I was. Being scared allowed me to be work really hard, because failure was not an focus on being the best version of me so that I could make the right business connections and friendships to help me succeed. It is okay to be scared. It is okay to mistakes. We live, learn, and grow. It is part of life, so scare yourself shitless once in a while!

Take chances...

I always talk about how I am going to talk about my "relationship status" one of these days because I am ready, but the words just are not ready to be written down. So in the meantime, my single life is well single, but I am taking chances. I am swiping more times to the right...I am engaging in more conversations...I am giving out my number...I am ready to take chances. is frustrating, sometimes maddening, comical, and a pain in the ass, but like everything else in life if you do not take chances, you will never know what you are missing out on. Plus, I am finally ready to truly date, have fun and share my awesomeness with someone else.

Eat whatever the heck you want...

It was so refreshing and freeing to have good friends come and visit me this past weekend, who were total wine-o's and foodies. They have no rules, they just eat what they want, when they want, and enjoy having a grand old time. We ate out a lot...I ate a lot of foods that I don't usually normally eat...We drank delicious wines...We laughed...We talked...We went on long walks...It was fun, care-free, and stress-free. We just enjoyed each other and yes the food, but I threw all my stupid food rules out the window and just lived in the moment. And it was AWESOME! Obviously, I do not eat like this all the time, but I need to do it more often because I work hard. I train hard. I love food. And life is too short to not eat a whole stack of pancakes that look like that!

To believe in what YOU truly want...

On a daily basis, I write down mantras or say them in my head, when things get a little not so pretty or stressful. I remind myself daily of the things that I truly want from this life. When you remind yourself of your mantras daily, you believe in yourself inside and out. You make these things a priority. You make yourself a priority. You make these mantras a reality!

Give Yourself Permission

Have you been guilty of making up RULES?

How are YOU giving yourself permission this Summer to live your fullest life?

Why I Work With A Life Coach

I work with a Life Coach because I am worth the investment! 

Why I Work With A Life Coach

Almost one year ago, I made the decision to start working with a Life Coach and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. It is crazy to think about where I was then and to notice how far I have come. It has been a very inspiring journey. Like I have may have mentioned before, my last few months in Houston were not the prettiest of times for me. I was extremely lonely. I was frustrated and tired. I felt lost. I was not kind to myself. I was isolating myself from my friends. I was not on a healthy path and I knew something had to change. I will never forget that weekend I woke up with an incredible sense of clarity, after a peaceful night of sleep. Before heading to yoga, I had a long conversation with my Mom and opened up to her as to what was going on. I needed help. I needed guidance. I needed to make a change...and so began my journey with my Life Coach.  

What is a Life Coach? A life coach focuses on areas of relationships, life purpose and personal and professional growth. A life coach raises your self-worth and guides you to create balance, clarity, and success in your life. A life coach liberates you from your limitations and fears. 

What have I learned this past year?

  • Be Honest With Yourself and BELIEVE In Yourself: I have learned to come out in the open with my faults, but more importantly I have come out and talked about my STRENGTHS! We focus so much on the negative because it is easy. Speaking out loud about what I LOVE, what I am really freaking good at and LOVE doing; what I LOVE in a man, that I see myself that is hard some hard stuff. When you start focusing on all the GOOD stuff and believe that you are capable of all of that, things change. I have noticed I smile more. I sleep better. I respond to negative emails and people with kindness, instead of insecurity and aggression. And I believe that once I FULLY believe in myself, everything else is going to fall into place!
  • Learning To LOVE Yourself Inside and Out:  I am always telling clients, friends, and readers to love themselves. It comes naturally for me to give out good energy to inspire others to look and feel their best. I love being able to do that. But as soon as it involves loving ME, I am horrible at it. I am learning through writing, self-care, and daily mantras to nourish and love my beautiful mind and body. I am learning to do what works for me emotionally, physically, and nutritionally. 
  • Be Fearless With Your Dreams: I am working like a dog up here, but I love what I do. I love the companies I work for. I love the flexibility of my job. I love the people that I am meeting on this journey. Nothing is guaranteed in this industry. I do not have benefits. It is just me and sometimes that is scary as hell. I want and will grow more, make more, and inspire more. I am learning to trust that this is the right path for me and that the success will come. I just have to BELIEVE and be FEARLESS!
  • Live In The Moment: This is something that I am working VERY hard on! I have a tendency to focus too much on the future, instead of truly embracing the moment that I am living in. I worry about "stuff" a week, month, and year down the road and where I am supposed to be. This past weekend, I woke up on Sunday and something just clicked...Enough is enough...Too much energy is being wasted on the future...It is time to live in the NOW! 
Why I Work With  A Life Coach

"Now is the time for magic. Let the universe take your hand and show you things you've never seen before. Now, at last, you're open and vulnerable enough to begin. Celebrate the magic, the mystery of the unknown. Celebrate the miracles that will certainly come!" - Melody Beattie

Why I Work With A Life Coach

Working with a Life Coach is not easy work! It is a LOT of work...but I am worth it! And I know for me to truly love, believe, and succeed in life, I need to LOVE myself wholly. I definitely still hit a lot of speed bumps along the way, but my Life Coach has been there with me every step. I am grateful for her and how much she has helped me this past year. 

In the end, life is short and I want to be the best version of ME for ME, but to those around me. I am sending out a heck of a lot more good vibrations these days. Yes, it is being by the ocean...Being happy where I live...And surrounding myself with good friends...But it is also that I recognized that I needed help and I am helping myself! Be selfish when it comes to you...You are ALWAYS worth the investment! XOXO