EASY NuttZo Bites by The Real Food Dietitians

Oh friends...Sorry I am not sorry about my obsession with NuttZo! I eat it daily and I easily go through a jar a week!  And now I find myself almost always wearing a hat, t-shirt, or hoodie that has NuttZo plastered all over it. So if you are on Nantucket and see a NuttZo woman walking or running around the island there is a REALLY good chance it is ME! Feel free to give me a HIGH-FIVE too! I love to spread the NuttZo LOVE and I love meeting people who enjoy this nut butter as much as I do. 

I connected with Stacie a couple of months ago through...yep you guessed it...SOCIAL MEDIA...Obviously! It seems the norm these days, but it is a positive norm and I have had the pleasure of working with her through the business accounts I manage as well as getting to know her personally. I love her recipes, outlook on health and wellness, and that she is a fun, inspiring, and passionate woman who LOVES what she does. So keep on reading and try out this delicious and easy NuttZo recipe! ENJOY FRIENDS! 

I’m Stacie, a dietitian, a foodie, a lover of nature, a dog mom and one of the co-founders of The Real Food Dietitians where we dish on all things nutrition and serve up healthy gluten-free & Paleo-friendly recipes for everyday life. I’m all about keeping it simple by sharing recipes with less than 10 ingredients and nutrition tips that can easily be applied to daily life. You may find it a relief thatdo not recommend calorie counting or “diet” foods and I believe that ‘being healthy’ goes way beyond the number on the scale. Instead, my mission is to help you discover the foods that give you long-lasting energy and make you feel your best - inside and out; empower you to be comfortable in your own skin; encourage you to live life to its fullest; and simply create a lifestyle you absolutely love. 

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Thank you Stacie, for sharing a little bit about yourself and this delicious, healthy, and easy recipe for my readers...Can you guess what the 4 ingredients are???

Nuttzo + Gluten Free Oats + Homemade Jam + Click for the full recipe HERE!!! 

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What is your favorite nut butter?

What AMAZING and INSPIRING person have you met through social media?