EverlyWell #OwnYourHealth

Have you missed me? I know you have, just tell me YES! I will eventually get back into a more regular blogging schedule. Life is just BUSY! So for right now, I am just doing what I can, when I can, all while making sure I enjoy this beautiful summer and have FUN, but also continue to grow, build, and dream BIG! These summer days on Nantucket are quickly disappearing and I just wish I could slow it down...But we know we can't so let us dive into today's blog post...


I recently was asked to review EverlyWell by the FitApproach Team. EverlyWell provides convenient at home testing. Testing that is ordered by you. And it provides results that you can understand. When you live 30 miles out at sea on an island, this kind of service is definitely convenient for me, so I was excited to give it a try. I have never taken a food sensitivity test, but as I have gotten older and become more aware of my body and what it needs, I have noticed what foods do and do not align with my tummy. So I was intrigued to learn if I was accurate on what foods I knew were not good for this belly!

So this is how it works: 

  • You can order whatever test you'd like. They offer: Women's Hormones and Fertility, Heart Health, Metabolism, Sleep and Stress, Metals and Toxins, and Food Sensitivity;
  • Once you order your test online, your box is delivered to your doorstep;
  • The tests are taken at home, on your time;
  • After you take the test, you send it back (FREE shipping) and then you wait for your results;
  • Your results are then sent your inbox! They are easy to understand and use!

Like I mentioned above, I took the Food Sensitivity Test. This test is different from food allergies because a food allergy is an immediate and life-threatening reaction to a specific food. A food sensitivity may cause various physical symptoms over a period of time, and your level of sensitivity can change over time. 

I received my results very quickly via email and yes it was honestly VERY easy to understand! The email explains your results and when you click to view your results you are again given another explanation as to how to understand the results.

These graphics are great and I like how all the foods are nicely divided into different groups and there is NO WAY that you cannot decipher whether or not you are sensitive to that food. Dairy was the first group that popped up and I was not surprised by my results. I used to drink milk all the time, as well as yogurt, and cottage cheese. But now, cottage cheese and yogurt are instant bloating for me! I am okay with milk if it is just in my coffee. I miss having yogurt and cottage cheese, for that extra protein, but that bloating...definitely not worth it! Oh well, I am just happy that nuts were not an issue...ALLELUJAH! 

This was honestly a great experience! I have no complaints or concerns about this product. If you are looking for an affordable way to do at home testing, I would definitely recommend EverlyWell. You can use the code YOURBESTFOODS and get 15% off your kit. So give it a try if you have been questioning why certain foods are making you feel a little wishy-washy! 

Have you ever had a Food Sensitivity Test?

What is one food that you are sensitive too?