Recent Nantucket EATS

Giddy with joy that it is Friday...That the Nantucket Wine Festival is here...That the sun has been shining and the temperatures are SLOWLY getting warmer...That my recent eats have been delicious, nourishing, and simply awesome! Oh and I am back in the gym building up my strength and it feels good to be a little sore and that my appetite is revved up and ready to eat all the good food...New attitude...New perspective...New outlook after the cleanse. I am on a roll folks! The energy and creative juices are pouring out and I am just going with it!!!

So let us talk about food and what I have been devouring this past week...YUMMY!

Scrambled Eggs With Salba Chia...Blueberries...Chocolate Nuttzo

Recent Eats

Everything NJ Bagel With Avocado And Broccoli Salad

Recent Eats

BIG OLD SALAD With Chicken Salad With Brussels Sprouts...Simply Organic Spices...Hot Sauce

Recent Eats

Chicken Breast With Roasted Potatoes And Broccolini

Recent Eats

Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Crust With Pepperoni...Olives...Mushrooms

Recent Eats

I love that the outdoor table and chairs have been set up so that I can work outside with Lucy on the warmer days and soak up that Vitamin D! Yes I can very frustrated some days being an entrepreneur, but being able to work outside daily is a major perk. Plus they make my food photos look a lot more pretty...even my breakfast with that ridiculous dollop of chocolate Nuttzo! 

Luckiest Nantucket Rescue Dog

What is your favorite salad topping?

Are you working on strength or endurance these days?