Thoughts And Food...Food And Thoughts

Spring is in the air...The days are longer and brighter...The daffodils are starting to make their appearance on the side of the roads...And is it safe to say that I made it through my first winter on Nantucket? These past few months have been peaceful, nourishing, healing, and definitely, a time to reflect and grow, but I am ready for the hustle and bustle! I will probably regret this statement come August, but right now I am looking forward to the upcoming Spring and early Summer events that the island offers. I am ready for the restaurants to be open and I am definitely ready for more "eye candy". 

Nantucket Early Spring

There are still a few weeks before the crowds come to the island, so we are enjoying our walks with no one in sight; cooking delicious homemade meals; blogging; building my brand; working on projects for the future and hopefully new ones too!

Delicious Seafood Birthday Dinner At Home

Nantucket Clams
Mussels With Sausage and Cauliflower Rice

Since starting this new site, I thought I was going to post three times a week, but I can't do it and I don't want to do it. I like writing good quality posts that feel right. My days are busy and this is a place where I like my imagination to run; where I get to create; to inspire, and to share the things that I love with you. 

Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie In a Teddie's Jar

Smoothie In A Teddie's Jar

As if you did not already know, I love food...I love to eat food...I love to create food...and I love sharing my food with you. Since moving to Nantucket my body has changed. My training has changed. My eating has changed. I am learning to eat more intuitively and to listen to my body and feed it what it wants. Some days it is heaping spoonfuls of nut butter...Some days it is all about cauliflower and Brussel sprouts...Some days it is all the pizza I can fit into my belly...I am eating what I want when I want it. I have had my own personal struggles with food (another post for another time), but Nantucket is teaching me to listen, nourish, and to let go of the RULES and do what works for ME!

Salmon Dinner

Nourishing Dinner

Friends who LOVE to cook as much as you do are the BEST FRIENDS! I was so grateful to celebrate my birthday "again" this past weekend. I got to choose the menu and it was Mexican themed. I have been craving Mexican...This dinner was DELICIOUS and of course, the company was even better! My friend Joann is an unbelievable cook and everything was made from scratch...Mexican craving filled...I left with a very very happy belly! 

Nantucket Scallops
Nantucket Mexican Fist Tacos

Do you know that for the past few weeks I was seriously contemplating chopping off all my hair? I thought I wanted a change. That I needed to make a big statement. Whoops...Wrong! That did not last and sorry Mom it just is not going to happen. If anything, I think it is time to just go more blonde this summer. I love beach hair or #mermaidhair! I know it is just hair and it has to do with "control", but I know that the second I chopped it off, I would regret it probably within a month...Right? I am going to ROCK these long locks as long as possible! 

Beautiful Nantucket

Upcoming this week I have a fabulous friend doing a guest post. I head back to NJ for Easter and then probably will not be leaving the island for the rest of the Summer, except for quick trips to Martha's Vineyard and Boston. I have a really FUN project coming up in April and then Summer is upon us...Life is good friends...Enjoy it!